What integrated with remote and phones

I need a really good integrated amp with a headphone jack and remote control. I don't need mega power and I don't need a phono stage. I've seen the Creek, but what else has phones capability?

Don't know your price range, but the Cary SLI-80 certainly fits your description. Look it up on their web site. I am very happy with mine,
If you mean the Creek5350SE, I'll confirm that it's quite amazing. I've had mine for about 3 months, and my Creek/Alon Petite bedroom system is not so far behind by VT100MKII,Rogue 99 Magnum, Alon V MKII main system.

Good luck hunting.
I second the nomination of the Creek 5350SE. I love mine, as well. Buy one and be done, my friend.
The Bryston B60R has a great headphone amp. With remote, retails for about $1800. I've seen them used for much less.
Worth checking out. Very cool and 20 year warranty. Remote is great and build quality is as good as it gets. A very dynamic 60wpc.
Cary sli80.
I third the motion for the Cary SLI-80.