What Integrated To Match Cremona Audiors

Hey people

Just wanted you ideas on views for matching a good amp to the cremona auditors = looking at either the levinson 383 but heard this has many technical problems and the other was the musical fidelity tri vista 300.

The rest of the kit is as follows :

Sony DVP-S9000es DVD/SACD Player

Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista DAC 21

Kimber Select 1030 interconnects

JAV Audio Digital Interconnect

Kimber 3035 speaker cable

PS audio P300

Let me know what you guys think - am open to suggestions for other amps etc - around about the 4/5000 dollar mark


I actually sold my Audio Research Separates (SP 16 preamp, VS55 Power Amp) and replaced them with a DK Design Integrated. It does sound better than the AR stuff. Of course sadly many people love 'name' brands. There is a certain SNOB appeal which is lacking with the DK even if the sound it makes is not.
In fact the DK sounds heaps better than my Gryphon Tabu which I also owned. Far more three dimensional and fuller. It's not the best amp in the world but then no such amp exists. For it's money it is very good and as good as many a 4000 to 5000 Dollar unit. Try getting the Australian HiFi magazine (June/July 05 Edition)review which also ran the untit through full technical testing. It came out very well.
My Auditors are on the matching stands. I use a Audionet ART V2 Cd Player, Spider Rack, Audusa Eupen power Cables, Lat Interconnects and Osborn Datalink Speaker Cables.
All in all excellent sound and now I only play around with tweaking things here and there.
Best of luck with your decision.
Oh and by the way don't let all the knockers of DK on this site bother you too much, I have a feeling they either snobs or anti-Asian, as Dk uses China to have this amp built at a reasonable cost.
I listened to the ML383 and MF Tri Vista 300 amongst the other super integrateds available (except the DK Designs which are not available in Singapore) through my Guarneris.

The Tri Vista worked best in my system being airy, detailled and fluid at the same time.
I bought the MF and have been using it for a couple of years now and don't miss my previous set up of AR LS22 pre and ML3 power amp combo.
Look at the Jeff Rowland Concerto integarted as well. Very small integrated with I think 250 watts per channel. Not that you need it with the Auditors, but I'll bet it would sound nice. Also, I'd be tempted to look at tubed integrated with those speakers. The Trivista would probably be nice, but may be much more power than you need.
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Cary SLI 80
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You may want to add the new Transistor Research Labs (solid state division of Tube Research Labs) ST-225 integrated to your short list. It has 225 watts/channel, 3 inputs and 45 step attenuators. Price is $5500.

If that isn't powerful enough they also have a 550 watt/channel integrated, the ST-550.

i have a pair of auditors that i am actually driving with the sonus faber integrated, musica. few people know about this amp, but it was designed by sf as an in-house reference. i am very happy with it, not a lot of power, but very musical. you can see what it looks like on their website, or at sumiko audio's website (with pricing)

Separately, what did you decide? did you listen to the levinson?

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There are a couple of integrated amps that I would consider for use with this speaker. The first would be the VAC Super Avatar, one of the all-time best sounding tube integrated amps made, IMO. Smooth, refined detailed sound that would get the best sound from any analog or digital based front end with a minimum of fuss and hassle. Easy to cable as well.

The other choice would be the Pathos Classic One Mk II, which is a great sounding tube/ss hybrid integrated at a very affordable price. Not quite in the same sonic league as the VAC, but at less than 1/2 the price, it would come very close for those on a budget. This integrated would have no problem driving the Auditors to very room filling levels, unless you happened to want to fill a gymnasium.
I have used a Krell 400XI for the past 12 months with these speakers and found the musicality of this combination quite stunning.
My system: Amp Krell 400 XI. Speakers: Cremona Auditor, REL Stadium III, CD player: Classe CDP-10, Cables: Kimber Select 1011 and 3033.
HAve u tried the Pathos Twin Towers ?