What Integrated Amps have the sonics of Separates?

I want to get off the $$$ bandwagon. I'm tired of spending money, and then in a year, the equipment has dropped in used value substantially, since the fickle audiophile community has moved on to new favorites.

There must be very good sounding integrateds, or more modestly priced separates that perform as well. I'm still looking for quality, weight and finish, so it doesn't have to be just modest priced gear.

Thoughts: Rowland, Plinius, Simaudio, Vincent, or others. Don't want cheap, plastic, light stuff with limited power either.

There must be audiophiles who have felt the same way, and found things that satisfied them as well, or nearly as well, because they were tired of spending and spending.
Actually my "just listen to the Music" amp is the Mac 2275. Mine was purchased used for $3600.00 and it offers excellent "tube" sound, plenty of flexibility, reliability, and enough power to drive most speakers (currently it drives B&W 805's to satisfactory levels in a fairly large room). I did upgrade the tube complement but with the exception of the Sovetek 12AX7LPS's in the phono preamp it was not necessary. So when " Hi Fi Hypochondria " gets too severe I go back to the Mac system for recuperation. The sound is superb and the pain diminishes quickly :<}.
CODA CSI Limited Edition is a great choice, especially if you can use 220 Watts of power. You will see several comments previously in the Audiogon archives if you search, and I can highly recommend this product.
My Plinius 8200mk2 is making me very happy, doesn't have the hard SS sound, very transparent and detailed. I have seen Plinius 9200 used on sale, it's a step up from 8200. But if you only like heavy rock and electronic music, Plinius might be too slow for you. I mean I like rock(no death metal though), the sound is beautifully laid out, very balanced and neutral sound.
I have had great results with Audio Note Meishu, Jadis Da50S, Acoustic Plan Sitar and I am sure that the already named Rowlands, MBL or Boulder are great options as well.
Great integrated amps at the moment include McIntosh 6300 from America, Luxman (4 really great models)from Japan, and LFD out of the UK. All have build qualities like a tank, have some of the best parts sourced and assembled, and are not made in China. What more do you want? Oh, they all sound incredibly musical in a natural way.