What integrated amp to mach with Jolida JD100 cdp

What would be a good match for the JD100? The cdp is a little warm with slightly rolled off treble. I am thinking of the Jolida JD502B amp but afraid the combination would be too warm.
I am running a Jolida 3205 (a Jolida 502A modified by Bill Baker @ Response Audio in New York) with my JD100. I have both units sitting on Aurios Isolation bearings. The results are very musical.
You might try changing the tubes in your JD100. I am running Ei tubes in mine.
What's the rest of your system like, how much do you want to spend, room size, listening preferences, etc?
I would rather ask the question: What amp to match with my speakers?

Especially when considering a tube amp...I would guess a Jolida 302 or the Response audio amp would be an excellent match to the Jolida CDP.

Good luck.

My setup: Jolida JD100, Jolida 302B, Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures. For the money I couldn't ask for a better combination; very balanced and sounds superb.
I had the JD100 with the 502B, and it was wonderful. However, you will first want to experiment with tubes, IC's and power cord changes on the CDP. They will make a world of difference on that component...guaranteed.
I am using Sylvania tube and I found it much better than those that came with the cdp - both warmer but more extended in the treble. My speakers are diy using Seas Exel drivers which are pretty good.

For amplifier, I am using Arcam A90 which is pretty good but I feel like I could get a little more midrange bloom with some kind of tube amp. I am just afraid a tube cdp and tube amp would be too warm and congested.
In the past I had mated the Unison Research Unico with the Jolida JD-100, wonderful match! Especially when I retubed both units with Mullard NOS military (CV4003 & CV4004) tubes. Very complimentary! Well worth looking into. If I ever build a second (less full blown) again, they would most likely be at the top of the list.

Good luck!