what integrated amp has midrange adjusting knob?

I heard I think Kenwood vintage intagrated receiver when I was buing Klipsch Lascallas and it had midrange knob which had huge effect on sound of Klipsch speakers.Oalso according to seller it had 200W per channel and it sounded great with those speakers/they stopped to be harsh sounding.Any idea what integrated amp I could use for under $1000 vintage or not with a lot of power and midrange knob.Remember this is fo my second system for my private bar so I like loud rocking sound without having headache.I don't need another hi-end sistem hhich I already have in my living room.Mike
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Most of the McIntosh integrated have 5 band equlizer knobs. And I think you can get older ones like MA6200 for under 1K. Just my 2c.
I know my old Marantz 2270 has a mid knob. It's only 70 watts, so that might not be enough for you, but I know marantz made more powerful models.
The Marantz 2200 series from the 70's had the midrange control. loads of fun...
Kenwood 7200 RCV - 55wpc. interested? email me
Lolo,I just bought Kenwood Kr9600 for $200,nice vintage receiver 200w/c.
i had the same problem,im running 1 pair of klipschorns & 1 pair cornwalls,i solved the problem with a mcintosh mq101 equlizer,they are very cheap(300 or less)& they have 3 adjustments 1 being for the mids,the mq101 is without a doubt the easiest eq to use on the planet & its adjustments are mild not drastic like most other eqs.