What integrated amp for JM Labs Conbalt 816's?

thinking of getting a pair above and would like some of your recommendations on integrated amps. which of them will go well with the Cobalts? suggestions?
I have heard the Cobalts demonstrated with the Audio Refinement Complete integrated. Very smooth & pretty sounding, but not the most detailed and transparent presentation. Depends on your tastes I suppose.
YBA Integre DT is very good. It's more expensive than the Audio Refinment but I'm sure you can find one used for a decent price...
If on the cheap a used Acurus DIA00 for $400 or a remote DIA150 for $800 (half of list)or so are great deals.Really it's not an intergrated per say as it's line stage is passive and the power amps input sensivity is cranked way up.Cheap to add a 150 power asmp if that's what you wante latter.
I second the YBA Integre DT recommendation. I have a very similar set up to yours using the Integre DT and JMLab Megane Carats. This is a very detailed, smooth, musical and surprisingly powerful combination. I recently upgraded the power cord on the YBA and now have much better bass response, (I never believed that power cords made any difference).