What Integrated Amp do You use

        What integrated amp do you use, i picked up a Parasound Hint6 and totally fell in love. This thing is such a perfect all around performer, i was curious as to what other Integrated Amp people where using and why
Hegel H390, upgraded from the H360 a year ago for the Roon Ready feature.  Still not Roon ready.  Tighter/clearer all the way across.  Feels slightly more extended but I bet thats just the extra grip the H390 has on the signal.  The H360 is really nice to listen to, tho, and likely is a great bargain for someone to pick up used.  Really low noise floor, clear and clean sounding without being sterile, pleanty of extension on both ends. Synergistic Research power conditioner, Sopra 2 speakers
Pass Labs INT 250. LOVE it! Best sounding amp for my application out of 7 different high end amps that I auditioned. The other amps were, Simaudio 340i, Naim Supernait 3, Pass Labs INT 60, Diablo 300, Luxman 509X, VAC 170i (integrated tube amp), and Hegel 590. They ALL sounded stellar. I’d have been thrilled with any of the ones I tried. But, for me, the INT 250 had everything I wanted and nothing I didn’t. Beautiful sounding amp. Sublime with my Harbeth Super HL 5+ 40th Anniversary speakers and dual power MSB Discrete DAC.