What in wall speaker?

What in wall speaker will get the closes sound to my marting logans ascent front.theater center.aeon surround and script back surround.for some reason, I'm gona have to re-arange my rig.I want an speaker that I can hang on the wall.Don't want to make make a hole in the wall.this is a 7.1 home theater set up.Any help will be apreciated.
You should check out the Bohlender Graebener in wall options (there are many) at Parts Express. You could also visit the BG Corp website.


I've not tried any of their in-walls, but use a pair of their floor standers in an HT system and they are quite nice ribbon/planer speaker. Whether any of their designs could be on-wall mounted (as opposed to in-wall) I'm not sure, but the forum group linked on the Parts Express website might be of some help. I'm not aware of any ML or other electrostat manufacturer that offers on-wall or in-wall options.

Wait, having said that, don't the Scripts wall mount? It seems that I've seen ML speakers wall mounted in the Sound Advice showrooms in South Florida.
Magneplanar is into the wall mount business.
So is Paradigm.
As a rule it will cost many times more to build a system "in wall" and it will not sound as good as a traditional system. Is that a good use of your money?
Thanks for the inputs,Any other person care to coment?
I just found, what I think is what I was looking for,the name is FINAL SOUND. Electrostatic speaker and can be hang on the wall.Anybody have heard of them,Look that they sound sweet.