What impact second Indra?

I have one pair of Stealth Indra from CDP to preamp and they are phenomenal. Given the price, can anybody enlighten me on what effect a second one would have from their own experience? (from preamp to amp)
I recently listened to 2 pair although not the latest greatest with the better connectors. I initially tried with one from the DAC to pre-amp the output from the pre-amp to the input of the BAM module for the Merlin VSM speakers was cabled with Stereovox 600 Sei. I found the sound very immediate and extremely resolving most notably in the midrange frequencies but ultimately not as balanced as 2 of the Stereovox I was also auditioning. I also felt the hi frequencies to be much too forward which didn't meld well in my system.

I then added another Stealth from the pre-amp to the BAM, more of the same, more detail but again I didn't like the balance of the presentation. I expect in a more laid back speaker this would be most welcome. They have to be about the most revealing cables I've ever listened to and I can sure see why some would like them. If you like one you may very well like 2 or find that the sound is even more forward than you might wish. I also had a 3rd pair but it was too short to run from the BAM output to the amplifier so I can't help you there. My experience over a 1 week period with these cables is that like all things audio, synergy is key. There is no panacea for all systems.
...i have 2 indras' in my system and found the second indra did,in fact,improve upon what the first cable significantly contributed to my system but by only another 10% or so.that being said...i still kept the second because that 10% was synergistic with the first indra and once in the system i wasn't going to take it out.i tried the first between sacd and preamp and the 2nd from preamp to amp.they are the best i/cs' i have heard.