What If?

Crazy question. Lets say that you have owned Klipschorns for the last 20 years and that you will never sell them. You have a room though that is fairly large (17.5'w x 26'L x 9' H) and your are thinking that it's time to add another set of speakers in the room; something entirely different, just for fun, just to switch around too on ocassion... The KHorns are in the corners so they are pretty much out of the way.... You're a tube-a-phile with a Hovland HP-100, and a set of VTL 125's MB with EL34's. You have a very nice table; an Aries 3 with a DV507 MKII arm...

What speakers would you add into the room? Of course they cannot be too HUGE because most likley they would be moved out of the sound field when listening to the Khorns. Got any ideas?

big passive atc's or another seminal monitor style
Salk Songtowers are relatively inexpensive floorstanders with a small footprint and s/b be relatively easy to move "out the way".
ProAc's, 1SC's. ATC's are also good. as jaybo posted.
How about Quad 988's or 989's? The room length to width should be favorable and Quads are awesome with tube power. They are fairly light and compact so you should be able to move them out of the way. You will get a sound of beauty and finesse. When you want loud, fire up the k horns.
All sound interesting; especially the Quads...
Putting two sets of speakers in one room is usually problematic, as the undriven pair acts as passive radiators, diminishing the clarity of the sound. That is why the best dealers do SSD or single speaker demonstrations, actually moving the pair under evaluation into the sound room devoid of any other speakers.
I'm sorry that I can't give you a speaker recommendation but I do have some thoughts: I would guess that you made some compromises in your main system - that it is tuned to play all the music you like acceptably well. Perhaps this is a good time to address those compromises. Buy speakers that compliment the Klipschorns by virtue of having different strengths, and then optimize both speaker systems for the type of music that each does particularly well. Just a thought.
Viridian, I think if Stickman451 put an acoustic panel like a GIK 244 panel in frt of the k horns that effect would be eliminated.
Try some Thiel 2.4's.
I love the Khorns, but for something that is different, has particular strengths of it's own, and would work very well with your tubes, I would recommend Silverline sr17.5.
I like the Quad idea too. Your room is big enough for them, your amps are well suited, and you clearly like a fast sound. I would go for the 989 to get extra bass. I imagine you could place them against the front wall when you'r not using them, with a blanket on them. Let us know what you come up with. Best, Peter

PS - I'm not convinced the new series of Quads justifies the price difference - though they are cool looking.
I have 5 pairs of speakers in a room about the same size mentioned.. I don't seem to notice any problem. what am I supposed to 'hear' the unused speakers doing to the sound of the room?
Stickman: I think you've got the right idea: mix it up a bit, that's what I do; I can go from big bad efficient L-200s to small inefficient mini monitors.
Xiekitchen, I believe that my statement, "diminishing the clarity of the sound" is accurate and concise. Perhaps, "adding a chocolate syrup coloration to the lower midrange and disturbing image specificity due to the perturbations in phase relationships" would be a more appropriate description for those of an audiophile bent on this site.

But seriously, why not just take four pairs of speakers out of your room and listen for yourself? The old adage always holds, if you can't hear it, it doesn't exist - for you anyway. The physics of the thing cannot be in dispute, however. The undriven cones are going to respond to stimulation from the sound waves produced by the driven speaker. Flap in the breeze, as it were.
Okay; Quad 989's sound very interesting. So, what does a Quad 989 "sound like"?
Spendor SP1/2. Another classic and made to fill a large room.
Ok I'm gonna try it and see...
Stickman451, I have been going thru similar thoughts. I have Dunlavy Vs which I would never get rid off. I too am thinking adding another pair just for fun. Like horn speakers or something...
Stickman, I personally would stick with the horn speakers, especially if you are a tube nut. You could always buy some smaller Klipsch speakers and do a multi-channel set-up with all of it! If you must go with some dynamic speakers, the ProAc Studio 140's are a nice, relatively inexpensive floor-standing option. They will give you a pretty darn good soundstage.
What speakers would you add into the room? Of course they cannot be too HUGE because most likley they would be moved out of the sound field when listening to the Khorns. Got any ideas?
I have one -- based on experience (in a bigger room): Audio Physic Avanti.
Seriously. No kiddin. As an alternative to K horns, it was quite good.
Presumably, any spkr that's similar sounding would be similarly indicated.
Of course, the Khorns stayed, & the owner alternated (still does) between spkrs at will.
how 'bout a nice pair of single driver spkrs that are highly effecient. many fine choices out there. it would be a good match with tubes and offer a unique contrast to horns. plus, many have thin tower design and would take up small space when not in use. just a thought