What IEC for Counterpoint SA-220 Power Amp?

The power cord on the original SA-220 cannot be removed. I would like to mod the amp with an IEC. What IEC do you recommend and why?

The Acme Audio Silver Plated / Cryo'd panel mount IEC has always been a positive product.
I just pig tailed my power cord about 2 inches out from the chassis and put on a nice male iec so I could take advantage of these great power cords being made. Maybe not the best way, but easy, and it has been nice to have that flexability of that pig tail to route cables.
I just completed the mod you are considering on my Counterpoint SA-20, with very positive results. The piece I used was from Mouser (mouser.com), part number 161-0707-1, manufactured by Kobiconn, price $0.74. I don't know if this is "the best". It is the identical part used on the First Sound preamp. For more information, you can read my posting "Experience with PAD Dominus power cord", posted in Amps/Preamps