What ICs to connect pre to power amp?

I want to upgrade my RCA cables connecting my pre-amp to my power amp. The problem is, I'm running 6 channels, so I need 3 pairs of cables, and really good ICs will be too much to spend-- I currently connect my CD player to my pre with Clarity Labs Foxfire. Any suggestions for a solid IC for this purpose that won't break the bank? I have a general thought that I don't want to spend more than $50/pair and I have no problem buying (gently) used.
I'm also curious as to whether you all regard this connection between pre and power amp as one that merits the use of great ICs.

Lastly, would it make sense to buy a nice pair of ICs for the channels connected to my main speakers, and lesser cables for the rears and center speakers, or would I create an imbalance between the channels?

Thanks for input.


May i sugest buying Kimber 4TC or 8TC (of the required length)and make your self some interconnects.
You can make them as the PBJ with 3 wires or with only 2 wires (as i am currently using between my preamp/amp combo). I like the 2 wire (unshielded) interconnect better(warmer sounding) then the PBJ woven recipee. Put them in some tubing/heat shrinking, ad quality RCA connectors and you end up with a very good interconnect cable that can sound superior to costlier cables between preamp/amp. Very hard to beat at the price too!
Hope this helps!
Bogden or the new Eichmanns are worth looking into!

I do not like Kimber for some reason.AQ or Tara Labs I like.
Try looking at Mogami or Canare cable. Way too good value for the money! The sound is damn fine.
Check out synergistic research ( new X-SERIES ) Interconnects. I think they'll blow away Anything at 3 times the price ( I've tried many others - I Don't like Tara Labs, Kimber, or Transparent, to name a few )- they are ALL I Use! Very Neutral, very Transparent, Large Sound-Stage!
If you can Audition some - I'd do so! Good luck and Enjoy.
Go to : www.synergisticresearch.com