What IC's works best with ML390s cd player?

I will be recieving my new ML390s within the week. For those who have one or have auditioned one please identify which ic's you are using, equipment used and if you are happy with the ML390s.
Glad to hear you pulled the trigger on the 390s. I've been pleased with Cardas Golden Cross direct to my Aleph 3. The Golden Cross seems very quiet, the background and small silences are deep black. For me, this heightens the color and dynamic character of the 390s.
I am using a Harmonic Technology "The Magic One" in a balanced configuration. It is going through a ML #380 to a #334 and the sound is very detailed. It sounds much better than the Audioquest Diamond X3's I had before. Good luck, you will love the 390s.
I use Synergistic Research "Designer's Reference" balanced interconnects with my 390S. Haven't compared to other interconnects since I upgraded from 39 to 390S.
Craig Zastera
I'm using AcousticZen Matrix Reference ICs (balanced)into my 380, Transparent Reference to my 332 and Transparent Reference to my speakers. I've been happy with the results, though I plan to try the 390s direct to the 332 using the Transparent wire when I finish building the new listening room.
another vote for the Cardas Golden Cross
We use Nordost Valhalla on ours. It gets out of the way and makes sure that we hear all the lovely detail that the 390s has to offer. Very different sound from the Golden Cross: IMO, more clarity and timeliness, less flavor of its own. Our 390s was originally a No. 39 (bought in '95 or '96) and it lived happily with Nordost Quattrofil for many years.

In my experience, the 390s really benefits from a good aftermarket power cord: we like the Shunyata Anaconda but notice a significant audible difference with the Python and with the Nordost El Dorado too. The Anaconda greatly improves the dynamics and opens up the sound.

If you are in a spot where you can do it I would highly recommend doing some in-home auditions of whichever cables make it onto your short list since it's your ears that need to be pleased.

We are dealers for Nordost and Shunyata but not for Levinson.

- neli