What IC's ans Speaker Cable for VAC Amps?

I'm experimenting with different cabling for my system which consists of a VAC Phi 110/110 amp, First Sound Presence Deluxe II preamp, EMC 1-UP CD player, and Von Schweikert VR4 SE loudspeakers. I'm presently using Ridge Street MSE II from CD to pre, AZ Matrix Reference II from pre to amp and Canare 4S11 speaker cable.

I'm aware the speaker cable is the weak link, but I have 30 foot runs, and that limits my choices. I'm going to be auditioning MAS hybrid speaker cables soon.

I'd be interest in hearing from VAC owners about what cables you've found to work well and where. Of course, other tube amp owners are welcome, too!
Sonoran Plateau with my Phi 110's, by the way it's an awesome amp isn't it! I love mine and Kevin at VAC is the best. www.audiopoints.com for the cable. Very musical, detailed and dynamic. Great mid - 3d - excellent bass and extended treble - 100 hour break-in kinda a pain with tubes,, but worth it. And it's reasonable. It's part of the sistrum stuff. Want to hear your phi 110 like you have never heard it? Get the amp stand from sistrum - takes the phi to a whole new level. Trust me on this one. You really have to try it. Go for the upgraded one. It's the same one that won a brutus award sitting under a $47k amp that the guy said don't buy the amp unless you buy the stand. I bought mine well before the review or the award came out. Call Robert at starsound. Email me if you would like. It's also at www.audiopoints.com.
Hi Scotty333. Thanks for your input! My amp's still breaking in (I believe) at 100 hours. VAC mentions 200 hours in the manual.

Regrettably, my available space and location is limited for the amp and therefore an amp stand is not possible, but I thank you also for the Sistrum suggestion. Frankly, I hope that at the price level of the Phi 110/110 no other tweak is required to reach nirvana.
The VAC is great the way it is. It bettered everything I've ever tried or owned - period. Enjoy. However...you should try the stand, if possible. It really is that much better. Try the cable. It's all copper, very musical. Start with that. If you like it, you may want to try the stands.
I'm having the same problem
I am using the VAC vintage MkIII preamp with VAC high Power 100 wpc monoblocks driving my Genesis 200's
Source is audio Research PH3SE fed by a van den Hul frog.
I find my speakers a little lean. i want more rich-ness. tonearm to phono and phono to preamp I use JPS FX cables. Pre to power I use Audio Quest diamonds. Amp to speakers I use Gotham Cable.

My sound is lean. Help please