What I did to my Magnepan MG12's and I'm doing with my new 1.7's

I UPGRADED the crossover components in my MG12's!
Do you guys have any idea what happens when you replace a $9 cap with a $250 one??
And replace a $1.75 cap with a $18 one, and replace a $12 inductor with a $65 one??
Well... that huge GULF of quality difference between a MG12 and a 3.7 gets a WHOLE LOT SMALLER. They become MUCH more serious sounding HI-END speakers.
I've been living with these modified MG12's upgraded for a year and half and enjoy them immensely. And I've owned $10K speakers before the great recession so I know what great sound is.
Since the 1.7's have much better panels than the MG12, I've decided to buy a pair and DO THE SAME WITH THEM.
The important thing is I'm not changing ANYTHING about the design of the crossovers, ONLY the QUALITY of the components. Probably will sink about $1K-1.5K in them. You would be surprised to hear people I tell about what I've done say back to me, "Oh, that just can't be worth doing or make much improvement". Are you kidding?? What do you think happens when replace a $35 pair of headphones with a $650 pair? You seriously think you won't get a better sounding pair? OF COURSE YOU DO! And it's the SAME THING with the parts that make up a crossover network. I'm just grateful to Magnepan for them putting all the value into the panel drivers instead of the crossovers. Think of how difficult it would be to try to upgrade/mod those big panels?
(MG12) I put Clarity cap MR 400v - 27mF+5.75mF (33mF replacement) for the tweeters, a 2.8 mH - 16 ga. foil aircore inductor with 50mF solen fast cap for the mid/bass (but suggest using a 12 ga. instead), and leave all the factory components in place and just run new wires from panel tabs out the speakers terminal holes. Keep all speakers term. parts in case you sell them. Break-in is about 50-70 hours, then they go magically serious sounding. Before break-in happened I have to admit I was wondering if this was a completely stupid act, but no, it was absolutely righteous in EVERY WAY.
Even the 3.7's are using very base grade parts I've noticed. There is a guy on these forums that claims his 1.7's  with upgraded parts sound better than his friends 3.7's, I whole-heartedly BELIEVE him. All I can say is if your 3.7 or lower model Maggies are running stock XO componenets then you have NO idea what they are capable of, that's my story and I'm sticking with it. If anyone wants advice or help I'm happy to assist. Enjoy this wonderful experience. God bless.
Yeah, I have a question: Who can I get to do this for me?

I'm not inclined toward soldering irons and wiring. Heck, I don't even change the oil in my car, not that I'd know how.

Someone could make a nice small business out of doing these mods.
I know that Chris at Parts Connexion used to make/build custom crossovers for the Maggies.

They were pretty expensive, but said to be really good.
Hey all, first post here, but I've been stealing info for a while and used some of the advice off of here to get to where I am now with my system.  and at my advanced age I am proud to say I now have the finest system that I have ever owned, and one of the top 3 or 4 I've heard.  I, too, changed out the caps on my 1.7's.  I thought my maggies were a bit too shrill on the upper and middle end so I used caps that would smooth it out just a bit.  Imaging and airiness without the bite was the result and I couldn't be happier.  I mostly listen to 2 channel music, but I do have the CC5 and MC1's from Magnepan for the surround channels.  Processing and power to the rear and center channels is provided by an Anthem MRX710, while the front 1.7's are currently powered by an Emotiva XPR-2 linked to the Anthem.  The 1.7's are power hungry beasts and, before I got the XPR I tried to run them off the Anthem, which is a great unit, but at high volumes the protection circuit would kick in.  I also tried running them off of an ancient Sansui AU9500, and an older ST series B&K but couldn't get what I thought I should get out of the maggies.  I even had a friend bring over a tube MacIntosh that didnt make the grade either.  I tried out an Emotiva XPA-2 and I finally got them to sing!  When the dealer offered me a floor model deal on the XPR that I couldn't resist that is what I stuck with.  The hunt for a subwoofer, even though the 1.7's aren't too bad on the bottom end, was the most difficult.  Don't go by the subwoofer reviews for this.  You need to hear it with your system.  I went through 5 different set ups at the dealer, including REL, Rythmik, and SVS, but the bass kept its overtones going after the maggies were all done.  They all muddied up the music a bit.  I finally found a non-ported Martin Logan Dynamo 700 that was very precise, was extrememly reasonable on cost, had a great built in amp and the adjustables that I needed and I was finished....I thought.  To me everything sounded great.  But the one thing that I had put off while trying to get all the right components together was doing the room correction.  The Anthem ARC room correction is acclaimed as one of the best.  And, knowing that the Magnepans are real sensitive to placement, I decided to run the ARC.  Incredible!  The magic finally happened.  Anyway, if you are thinking of getting the 1.7's or 1.7i's just stop thinking and do it.  I realize I've rambled on but I hope that there has been a bit of info that may be valuable to someone here as previous posts were for me.  All the best.
@rhanson739-   I'm in Indiana and have been performing this kind of upgrade for people(their speaker systems, amps, etc) for decades.    If you still have the original shipping materials and feel comfortable shipping your maggies, we need to figure out a way to get in contact.

Yes, I still have the shipping materials. If we ever went with this, it'd have to be at a time where I plan some travel, so that I don't miss the music.

I've shipped Maggies before. It's a hassle, but can be done.

Can you PM me, or has that functionality been taken out of Agon?

RHanson---Danny Richie at GR Research builds x/o's using premium parts for a reasonable charge. You need only provide him with the schematic.

GKR---Also from Danny is a very special sub that would be incredible with your 1.7's (as well as any and all other dipole/planar loudspeakers), his Open Baffle/Dipole sub using the Rythmik Direct Servo feedback system. You can read all about it on the GR Research website and Audiocircle Forum.

@rhanson739 -  As an alternative, IF you could handle the most basic of tasks yourself, on the speakers, I could make the new crossover and you could install it.   Making a plug-and-play mod of this , would not be difficult.  Thus far, I've not found a method of contacting another member, outside of these threads..
@rhanson739 -  Same here.   Perhaps I should place an ad, offering crossover upgrades, and see what develops.  Anyone interested could contact me through the classifieds.
Yeah gkr7007, I'll bet your right on the money with going with the Martin Logan. I remember Paul at PS Audio in Boulder was using these with his 3.6's, so along with your experiences, the Martin Logan might be the very most synergistic match for us maggie lovers.
dfarmer...thanks for letting me know my ears are still working ok in my old age!  I really felt funny and wondered what I was missing by using that sub that was under $500 and dismissing ones that were over 3 times the cost.  One thing I've learned is to not let the price tag determine the value or quality of something.  And for those trying to match subs with the maggies....be sure to listen to them WITH your system.  For me that ML 700 did the trick.
Actually I'm not sure if Paul was using THAT particular model, But I definitely remember seeing the Martin Logan insignia on what he was using. I might contact him and see if he will confirm and tell what model he was using.
Paul at PS Audio just responded to my inquiry. (BTW, Paul is a super great guy) I was right that he was using a ML sub, but it was the Descent model.
It is June 11th and I am 200 hours into my Magnepan 1.7 Clarity Cap MR speaker auditioning.
It took a very long 125-150 hours before the Caps finally settled in and I am in a very new world with every blessed file and vinyl disc being a new experience to re-discover. It's like they really have no limitations and there is absolutely no need for a subwoofer in the room I currently have them in. I thought about making a defined playlist of the songs that really exploit the capabilities, except EVERY SONG WORKS for demonstrating these mamas! THERE IS NOTHING THAT SOUNDS BAD!
I will do some sort of detailed write-up maybe a new post or on the MUG Tweaks web site. There needs to be more information made available about how well the Clarity Cap MR's transform Mags.
I need to get back to listening to Everything I have both vinyl and bits.
Just ran across this thread (on October 30th, 2020) while my MG12QR's are playing in my living room now.  I upgraded to Clarity ESA caps and Jantzen coils, both with higher voltage tolerances (to give a measure of safety for the 'doesn't get any louder when turning the volume to 11') 

Completely new speakers after break-in.  The MG12 QR's are very placement sensitive but when dialed in, the music literally floats in my living room and the Maggie's hold their own w/o distortion.  I use the same test cuts thru Arcam low voltage gear, a Rega P-3 with upgrades and monoblock amps. I built dovetailed boxes for the new components - they sit nicely behind each speaker.
I'm a retired broadcast engineer and audio nerd without raising my nose to others - if you're happy, I'm happy.

What caught my attention was the note asking if someone does these mods. I have time, winters are long here in northern Minnesota.  To solve a turntable feedback problem I've started a one man shop - www.auditoryascent.com and contact me thru there.   If it's not ok to post the address I apologise, and feel free to edit it out - is more a labor of love than money maker.

Yes, get a sub woofer and raising the Maggie's 2 inches off the floor helps low frequent dispersion.

Lindsey Buckingham sounding pretty good now....