What i/c to use and mix with NBS ?

I just bought the combo PassLabs X2.5/X150.5 which replaces my int.amp Krell KAV. I will therefore need additional interconnect and powerchord.I'm still waiting for the delivery, but I heard a similar set-up at my dealer's showroom. He uses NBS Omega III cables in his set-up. I brought along some of my NBS Omega I cables and just wondered how the result would be. Good but not thrilling. We then replaced my NBS Omega interconnect and powerchord for the cd player Cary 306 with Transparent Ref.balanced (MM) and I guess Transparent Powerlink MM powerchord while keeping the NBS Omega cables for the rest of his set-up. I liked what I heard. I take it that a transparent, with black background, introducing a quietness and with good dynamics is the interconnect and powerchord to consider. Additional piece of information : I have Shunyata's Hydra-8 which might not mix with NBS, so I have to go for a different powerchord anyway.
So now my question : which alternative do I have to the overpriced Transparent interconnect/powerchord AND which will work fine with my NBS ? What about Kubala-Sosna Emotion or Elrod Sig.2 ? I'm open for any good advice....

cheers and thank you in advance for your reply
I recently used all Kubala Sosna Emotion cables in my system with the exception of a very long run of NBS Omega between my preamp and active crossover. The result was excellent. Ultimately I replaced the NBS run with K-S for a slight overall improvement, but I'd say the Omega was neutral enough to show the strengths of the K-S, and worked well with it. These are two fine cables, but with different overall tonal signatures; ultimately I would advise either going all NBS or all K-S or another brand, depending on your preferences. One thing that seems germaine to your experience that I should mention is that when I first listened to the Kubala Sosna in my system I had (top of the line) Emotion cables on my satellite speakers and (next step down) Expression on the woofers and was bothered by the bass; turns out when I replaced the Expression with Emotion it all came together. The NBS Omega line may be such that mixing Omega I and III might not be an optimal match, but putting cables of the same level might work much more synergistically. Just a thought.
Hi Rcprince,
thanks for your response. I guess I will have to come up with some patience - I have to confess that this is not one of my strength - that is, allow for my new system to settle in and for me to form a baseline. The problem is that auditioning is very limited at this side of the pond (Switzerland). Going all NBS could be a way to go, but since I use Shunyata's Hydra-8 as power conditioner, the NBS powerchord will not be the best solution, at least not for the preamp or cd player. In that respect I hear what you say that with K-S Emotion i/c your experience was positive and that mating it with the powerchord from K-S would make sense. Now, how positive and, given what you used NBS for in your set-up, how relevant is your experience for me ? I mean, connecting the cd player to preamp within a NBS set-up (or the other way round, that is, a NBS within a K-S set-up) may yield a different outcome compared to preamp and active crossover.
Bottom-line is : I tend to choose the powerchord and i/c (balanced) from the same manufacturer (for no particular reason apart from avoiding too much of a mix) and since NBS powerchord is out given the Hydra-8 and also due to its stiffness, so will be the i/c. That opens the door for say K-S Emotion or (overpriced) Transparent. Any thoughts you can add to that ?

Well, I can add that when I first started the process of replacing the Omega with the Kubala-Sosna, I started with the speaker cables and all NBS in the chain, it worked very well; then replaced the Omega from the crossovers to the amps, then the CD source to the preamp, and then the SACD source to the preamp. In no case was the sound bad; the K-S has more of an emphasis on the midrange frequencies, the NBS perhaps a shade more at the extremes and a bit less in the midrange, so the two worked fine together.

My preference is the Kubala Sosna over the Transparent, but that's reaslly a personal preference, and I can tell you a friend of mine who uses the Transparent Opus feels the opposite. He likes an ultra-high resolution presentation, I prefer a cable that doesn't emphasize one frequency range over another and don't care about having a hyper-detailed presentation. Both are extremely good products for different tastes.