What High Output MC Cartridge with Graham 2.1 ?

I'm looking to try something different than my Dynavector 10x5, prefer a high output MC cartridge. My setup is a Graham 2.1 tonearm, phono stage is a Graham Slee Era Gold MK V and my table is a Clearaudio Champion LTD. Does anyone have a similar setup or any suggestions? Thanks.
I have heard the sumiko Blackbird and it is a wonderfull high output MC cartidge. I now have a 10X5 and felt the sumiko more detailed, greater depth and tighter base. I hope to upgrade my TT this spring to a Nottingham spacedeck and will have a Blackbird put on it.
Dear Taylor: I agree with Davt, the Sumiko Blackbird is really fine. But there is not the only alternative that you have, you can choose between several MM cartridges from: Clearaudio, Ortofon, Audio Technica, Musicmaker, B&O,etc, etc.

The MM cartridges are great ones but the people does not to much care about because are truly inexpensive and this low price is one of the reasons for the people go for the MC cartridges.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Thanks for the advice Raul and Davt. The Sumiko Blackbird is on my shortlist as is the Dynacector DV-20xH. If I can find an inexspensive MM that I enjoy, that would be a bonus and I would not hesitate doing so. But I have found the move to the high output MC an improvement over the MM cartridges I have used. I'm sure there are a number of great sounding MM cartridges and the challenge is to find one suited to my set-up.
I use a Benz Ace HO on my Graham 2.1 with a ceramic wand. The sound is so wonderful, that I have yet to unbox a Denon DL103R I bought to play with. Very clean high frequencies, with a mid-range that is not bloated but yet is very satisfying. The low end is very speedy and clear - stand up bass virtuosos produce jaw-dropping sounds, that leave me in utter amazement. Nothing to compare it with, admittedly, but this cartridge sounds darn nice, and also tracks like a champ.