What headphones will suit my needs?

I need a pair of cans that are closed, sound great with metal, and are no more than $100. I was originally considering Sony v6's, but then I found out their not that great for metal.

Also, I started off at head-fi and was recommended to come here. So if someone here could help, I'd greatly appreciate it!
Head-fi would be a better source than here, IMHO. I've got nice headphones, but they're all several times more than your budget. Since head-fi is aimed at cans and has a much larger population than here, I think you'll get more options there.

Audio Technica are pretty good for metal. I have some A900's in my stash that are great, but more than your budget. Maybe one of the less expensive headphones in their line will do.

Another thing, they are easy to drive, so can be cranked up with modest amplification.