What Headphones? Looking to upgrade..........

Okay, here's the dilly. I have a pair of Sennheiser 545s. ;) and well, I used to have a pair of klipsch 2.1s. Problem is my headphones made the speakers sound so badly - I decided to sell them off.

Anyhow now I'm looking to get new headphones. Trying to compete with my dad's latest sound equipment he bought like over $20,000 worth. Making my headphones sound bad damnit. hehe

Anyhow I"ve done some research and a little bit - but I"m interested to hear opinions. What would be a good alternative to the Sennheiser 545s? I'm interested in clarity, no static, lots of detail and comfort. Bass would be nice, not overpowering, but solid.

I'm looking for 'detailed' sound. I've heard good things about Grado, Koss, Sennheisers 580/600......etc. etc. What are youthoughts? They will be used for listening to music on the computer among other areas and for gaming.
Get yourself a Creek OBH-11 Headphone amp and Sennheiser 600's. You wouldn't be happier, unless you got a 45 based tube amp to drive them instead, but that's almost overkill. Cheers!
I live in an apartment with thin walls so I am not able to listen to my main system late at night without incurring the wrath of my neighbors. Over the past few months, I have experimented with a number of headphones, starting with the Grado SR-325. The Grado's were eye-opening and led me to upgrade my then-cheap main system to compete. However, they are outclassed by the Sennheiser 600's I later purchased. The Senns have a very nice balanced sound suitable for all types of music--though the Grados do rock well (bass).

I prefer, however, my Stax Signature electrostatic headphones. They have much better bass than the Stax Professionals and a wonderfully smooth sound. Competitive with my new main system. Of course, these are substantially more expensive even used. I haven't heard the most recent Stax models so can't comment on them.

I originally just plugged the Grados and Sennheisers into the headphone jack on my computer's DVD-ROM drive. In comparison with my CDP, the sound quality is relatively poor. The out on my sound card was similar but added a lot of static. I don't think that if this were the only source you intended to use that it would justify expensive headphones.

Best of luck. --Scott
I can't say I've demoed loads of headphones, but Im super happy with my Sennheiser 600, and from what I've heard, they are really hard to beat at the price. I use them with Musical Fidelity xCans V2 - a nice upgrade. Also, it looks like someone is frequently selling new 600s on this site for $249 which is a bargain. Good luck.
The Sennheiser 600 is a great value, comparable in sound quality to the two wood-bodied Grados (can't recall their model numbers), at a slight sacrifice in build quality, for a significant reduction (percentage-wise) in cost. If you aren't also buying a headphone amp, you aren't doing these units justice.

An alternative at least worth looking into (if it is still in production) is the Koss electrostatic (ESP950, if memory serves), which comes with its own power unit. Sound quality is in the same league as the above, with the usual electrostatic pluses and minuses (surprising air for a pair of headphones, but a coolish bias). Not the same build quality as the 600 or the Grados, but a lifetime warranty (which Koss just cheerfully honored for me MANY years after purchase).