What headphone amp to use with Sennheiser HD800?

I just bought the new Sennheiser HD800 headphones and I would like feedback from other HD800 owners. Which headphone amps have you used with the HD800's and which they selected and why? I live in a very remote area and I am about 300-400 miles away from the closest high end audio dealer. Your suggestions and comments would greatly be appreciated to help me in choosing a headphone amp for these incredible headphones.
I hear the Burson HA160d is a great choice.
Woo Audio WA5-LE with Sophia Royal Princess 300B, EML 274B, and Sophia 6SN7 tubes. Highly recommended.
My favorite for my HD800s is the Singlepower headphone amp with 6SN7 tubes installed.
A Singlepower would need to be purchsed used. (and a warning about the 'all over the place' quality of Singlepower products. Some were made in a questionable manner, with point to point wiring (no circuit boards), wrong caps, or inferior transformers.. etc. So IF you went for one, you need to see a photo of the interior of the EXACT one you are buying. If it is really nice and orderly, with beautiful wiring and a full circuit board.., great, if it is a rats nest, then pass it by.
The second choice i use is my phone output on the Bryston BP-26 preamp.
I also own a Rudistor RPX-33 mk II and do not use it with the HD800s. They both emphasize the upper octave a bit, and even though the sound combo is the clearest of any i have ever heard, and I can hear stuff on Cds I never knew was there.. it is not a great match up. (It may be a power problem, I have just not experimented enough with the Rudistor, i use several powerlne conditioners, and the Rudistor/HD800 combo may be best without one. never did bother to check it out.)
Then i own a Lil' Dot mkIII and it is a decent headphone amp. Ditto the TADAC i own.
I also own Beyerdynamic DH990, and Sony diamond diaphram earbuds, and a 25 year old pair of Stax electrostatic phones.
I used a Creek and did not like it as well as the Musical Fidelity amps. Creek may be better for Grados.
I use the Bada hybrid headphone amp with the Sennheiser HD600s. The Bada is exceptionally neutral, dynamic and realistic and responds quite well to tube rolling. While the stock Chinese 6SN7s in the Bada are surprisingly good, NOS RCAs and Sylvanias are magical.
You cant go wrong with the HA-160D!
you can also find lots of positive feedback about it when paired to the HD800's.
A Ray Samuels B52 is a fine match-up. But realize that the 800s can be bright and clinical with some CDs with any amp.
I think tube amps are best for them.
A solid state amp such as the Burson does a good job with them.
Generally, with sennheiser line.
You should look at Head-fi.org for more info. I use a Bottlehead Crack with great result with my HD650. I know they are not 800 but its all i can afford. Anyway i have try some SS amps and for sheer musicality tubes are better. I havent tried the HA-160D but its a very good dac/amp from what people are saying. With SS my 650 sounded bright and digital, but when i tried the BH Crack, it was music like it meant to be.