What HDMI Cable ?

Krell Amp & Processor Sony 5000ES Blu-Ray, Totem Speakers.

You can not beat these!
Audioquest Diamond.
I tested many, and yessss Audioquest Diamond is the Emperor. No competition. We are taling about superior to other hdmi cables. It is that easy!
Bo1972, could you please go into some detail relative to what makes the AQ Diamond the Emperor? Have you ever compared it to the Wire World Silver Starlight?

Just be sure to get one that is long enough to reach from the output device to the input device, spending a more than $60-70 bucks is just foolish. If you need a really long cable, > 25 ft., go with the Redmere HDMI cables from Monoprice.com
One advice: buy a budget one from 60 dollar and aan Audioquest emperor. We always take a few with us to clients. In many different price ranges. We do not decide, they have the freedom to do it themselves. Audioquest is the most convincing brand in hdmi. Many clients have a budget hdmi. We don't say you have to buy a Diamond. We say; just take a listen and a look to these cables. And see for yourself if you like it. Quality sells itself. it is that easy!
I mean Audioquest Diamond. It is the emperor in hdmi cables.
The Wireworld silver starlight 7 makes an excellent cable for Blue-ray. Its
the companies brand new version and it's all you need.
Bo1972, did the AQ Diamond hdmi make more of a difference in 2 channel music applications or more so for home theater 7.1 audio applications?
I like the Radio Shack "Pipeline" hdmi cable. Designed by Audioquest and made in China; it's solid silver-plated copper (silver percentage unknown). $50 for 4ft.
The Diamond is stunning in both 2 and multi chanel. Best natural sound I ever heard from a hdmi cable. Also the sharp focus makes it different compared to others. It also makes a deep and wide stage. Most other cables are a lot less deep and wide. Coffee is a good hdmi as well. But wenn you go to 100% silver you go to another world. I was surprised about the big difference between coffee and diamond.
+1 for RadioShack Pipeline. Decent cable, sounds and video performance better than generic wires to my ears. For long run I use Blue Jeans to cut cost. Pretty decent too, for video at least.
Monoprice Slim RedMere. Smart technology at an affordable price.