What have you liked in a Audiophile FM table radio?

I have used the TM-1/TM-2 Nakamichi radio and wondered what other models "Audiopiles" have liked?
I have had a Tivoli Audio/Henry Kloss Model One for a long time. When I was working away from home and it was my only source for music, I very much appreciated its sound -- much fuller and better fidelity than those of a typical radio.
+1 Tivoli Audio/Henry Kloss Model One
I've owned a Tivoli Model Two for over 15 years - stereo model.  I use it in the kitchen. Sounds great and has been trouble free
I used a Proton 300/301 for years. It was a great unit, and I had a Sony TC-D5M tape deck connected to it. Sweet!
Thanks, I had forgot about the Proton.