What have YOU got?

I am curious to know what the general AudioGon population has for equipment, so let's hear it! Any female audiophiles out there? Let us know...
I have a pair of Infinity Kappa Perfect 10" in a speaker box, a Pioneer 9200R headunit, and for interior speakers 2 pairs of Polk Audio 6 1/2" coaxial speakers. =)
Combining old tech. with new tech. For clean power and lots of it, Pioneer SX-1980, to play music, Sony DVP-S7700 and an Monarchy 22-A DA converter. For base, Velodyne CT-120 subwoofer, to reproduce the mid's and high's a pair of Infinity SM-255's. Excellent soundstage, fantastic detail nice tight base clean mids and highs. Sometimes I use a Pioneer Series 20 A-27 inter. amp. Not quite the power of the SX-1980 but every bit as good, if not better in sound reproduction.
Jmlab electra line for music and HT with 905 for front; Classe CAV75amp; Classe ssp25 pre-amp, Classe CDP1.5; Sony S7700 DVD; PS300 power line; Sony Wega TV; Cable (have 5 models for audition Harmonic Tech Pro-silk and 9, NBS monitor 4, Nordost Blue Heaven, Nordost Red Dawn, Cardas Neutral Ref); Can't find any chair due to my wife gets involved, sit on the floor now. Next upgrade will be a good amp for 2 channel, and go to Jmlab mini Utopia
CJ Premier 11A,CJ Premier 16LS,CAL CL-10,Thiel 2.3's using soon to be upgraded Monster amd MIT cables.