What have you been working on in 2020?

New system? Getting into DIY? New bands?

I’d love to know what you’ve been doing that is audio-related this year. Dare I hope some of you have gotten soldering guns? Heat guns? Cables or caps?
For me, I’ve gotten into Roon and the Pi 4. Finally set up my combined 2-ch/HT set up with a new HT processor, and done a little blogging on Roon and subwoofers.  Last night I took my Pi 4 apart and added tiny little heat sinks to the RAM, USB and Ethernet chips.
Building small electronics lab.  So far I have:

Soldering Station
Arbitrary Function Generator
Bench and portable multimeters
Logic Analyzer
Power supply
Antistatic work mat

I started to play a little bit with the smallest of Arduino micros: Seeeduino XIAO
This tiny 3/4"x5/8"  $7 module can be soldered directly to PCB and reprogrammed by USB-C connector.  Small micros are always present in modern gear to control display, keyboard etc.  My first exercise is to build tiny voltage standard that is extremely accurate and temperature compensated.  I had such large standard at work, but it was "old fashion" with big box and large rotary switches.  I plan to use tiny rotary encoder and tiny display (0.91").  I'm also learning to write programs.  Ideas for the larger projects will come later, I'm sure.
Building the Pass Amp Camp Amp with my 10 year old boy!
Sold my nice Hanns T-60 tt with vpi 3D arm and cartridge. Sold all of my vinyl albums.
Sold my newer McIntosh C47 preamp because I stopped using vinyl.
Now I’m going directly from my PS Audio DS sr dac to my PS Audio BHK amp. Simpler system with better SQ

I thought I might start with upgrading the stock cord on my Luxman 507uX MkII integrated amp first. I read somewhere here you upgraded the power cord on your Luxmann integrated. Did you notice any improvements in sound after you did so?

Oh, some one brought up a DIY project, so very very glad you asked...

I made a DIY cable from DH Labs shielded power and I thought I heard something akin to break in.  Goosebumps, but now that I'm used to it, I'd have to remove it and go back to the original to really say.  I do think going shielded is the way to go, and it looks big and powerful and stuff, so I'm happy I did it.


This is the real stuff right here:

Building the Pass Amp Camp Amp with my 10 year old boy!

Way to go @au_lait ! :  Also, don't forget the girls.  They need to solder too.