What have I done to my Gyro bearing?

OK, I'm an idiot. I was carrying the inverted oil pumping bearing from my Gyrodec, and I dropped it on a hardwood floor. Needless to say, the ball flew out. After an extended period of groping on the floor, I found the ball and made sure it was clean, got everything back together on the Gyro...and now there's resistance when it turns, and the motor can barely turn the platter. The bearing assembly scrapes on the subchassis slightly and it all does not spin freely.

What could be wrong with it? Anything I can do short of replacing the bearing (at $225!)? There are no competent techs for at least a hundred miles and probably more. Before I make the drive, I'd like to ask you guys what my course of action should be here. What have I done?

Needless to say, I'm fairly pissed with myself...
Well at least you found the ball. The problem is the bearing assembly - this is screwed in from the bottom. You will see a slot on the bottom of the shaft - tighten this up and you then have the clearance. Same thing happened to me when I 1st brought home my brand new Gyrodec. My dealer had set everything up at his shop. I am guessing the trip home and the movement allowed the shaft to back off a bit -that is all it takes.

Hope this works - good luck
Oh boy, now you've done it! Stop trying to run the table! If you have some spare Michell oil get it. If not go to Lowes or Home Depot and buy some Original Hunter Ceiling Fan oil. A tube will only set you back a few bucks, and this is excellent oil. Next, take the bearing assembly apart. Perform this sitting down at a table with some soft paper towels as a place mat. Clean out the oil well, the bearing shaft, brass female, the ball bearing, and blow out the oil hole in the shaft. The hole must be clear of any debris. Wipe all the components with damp cosmetic pads which contain rubbing alcohol. Air dry a few minutes. Next, coat all bearing pieces with a light film of oil. Assemble the lower shaft assembly onto the plinth. Fill the oil well, not to much, follow instructions. Take a small dab of petro-jelly and place it on top of the bearing shaft, do not plug the oil holes in the shaft. Place the ball bearing on top. (The jelly helps hold it in place) Rotate the bearing by hand. This will help pump some oil into the system. If it feels OK, install the platter. Again spin by hand, not to fast. If it feels smooth and silky, you are back in business. I doubt you bent the bearing, it is hardened steel and navel brass; more than likely dirt got into the system. If a complete cleaning and re-oil fails, you may have to buy a new bearing assembly. Let us know how you make out!
I have had problems with a Gyro SE I bought used, and these problems may be similar to this... I hadn't considered bearings as a suspect - I had attributed them to the motor (AC). At times I have heard whistling and/or screeching sounds in the motor housing, and experienced speed anomolies -- until the motor would just suddenly stop turning. After sitting awhile turned off, the motor would start again just fine and play fine for anywhere from minutes (until recurring) to over a month. I haven't touched the bearing.

The bearing didn't raise any suspicion to me when I assembled it, and the noises (when they happen - which is about once a month) come from the motor housing... could a bearing issue induce such noises and turning problem from the motor housing, or am I experiencing another known failure mode?

I love the table - I just need the services of an exorcist for a couple hours to get it on the right path.
Thanks for the quick responses, I greatly appreciate them! The Gyro is functioning properly now, with good speed and the bearing is working smoothly. I will be keeping a close eye (and ear) on it, however, to be sure there is no unusual behavior with the bearing. I will take it to a tech next time I have time for a little "road trip" to make sure all is well (and double check my cartridge alignment job ;) )

I was putting a new Origin Live Silver on the 'table BTW, that's why I was poking around with everything in the first place...