What have I done to my cart?

While lifting the tonearm (without using the lift) I accidentally dropped the tonearm on to the record. It landed in the label area and was dropped from about an inch above the record. Visually, it seems to be ok but about 30 seconds into the next song, I started getting loud thumping from the left channel, then it would cut in and out (left only). I've read that if the tip had fallen off, the stylus would just skate across the record. The amp is working fine with cd's, so I'm confident it's not that. The cartridge and cables all seem to be tight. The cantilever seems to be working properly as well. Any suggestions?

PS- I know someone will bring it up, so here's my reason for not using the lift. If the arm is allowed to go all the way to the label, the lift is too short to reach the arm. A simple adjustment I know, but it would require removing the table from the cabinet through the rear which is quite a task. It's usually not an issue as I can catch it before it goes too far...

Vpi traveler
denon dl-110 cart
exposure int amp with phono card
Consider this is a lesson to set the turntable correctly.  My lift is alway up when it isn't played as insurance that things like this don't happen.  Anyway..  In my experience a straight drop is usually a non event...cartridges are built rugged to take that kind of treatment....however, if the dropping came at an angle, the cantilever could have been bent.  I would send the cartridge to Soundsmith for a look-over and possible repair.  If nothing is wrong with the cartridge, they will either not charge you, or only a little, and you will know your cartridge is in fine shape.  You should adjust your turntable for proper operation as soon as you can.
Thanks Stringreen. I was actually able to make the minor adjustment to the lift. Pretty easy. I hooked up another phono stage. Same results (thankfully). Looked like there may have been a slight shift in cantilever (from left to right) pushed it back a little, no change. There is now no sound coming from the left channel. I may go ahead and send off to sound smith.
This is exactly why I don't have a turntable (although the sound is superior in my opinion). I was cleaning the stylus of the last one I owned and literally broke it off with the brush. .......Ok, that was after a few drinks of course but nevertheless, that ended my involvement with turntables.