What has the same sound as Ref. 3a ?

I currently have the De Cappo i's and really like them .
I have moved into a larger room , 22ft. X 13ft. , and now need more bass . The kind that I can feel but with clarity and definition . I don't need to go into subwoofer territory but do need bigger drivers . I don't want to do the blend-a-sub thing .
I can't afford new Grand Veena's and they seldom come up used . Especially in an area near me . Just trying to find others to keep a watch out for .

Thank you .
The Ref 3a Episode BE speakers would work nice in that room.
Nothing is going to give you that sound but another pair of 3a speakers. I had the Grand Veenas and they are very good. I have moved on to something that I like better, but if you hold out, a pair will show up eventually.

I have not heard the Ref 3As, but from what I have read, Triangle or Focal speakers might deliver similarly good performance overall with similar gear, though I would expect some significant difference perhaps in overall tonality. Triangle and Ref 3A in particular seem to have very similar approaches in crossover design, as I recall reading.
I have owned both the Triangle Comete and the de Capo.

No comparison the De Capo is richer thicker more extended and more bass

i have thought about adding a small sub to my de Capos but not sure i need the deep boom boom
I have heard two different Focal models and neither sound anything at all like a Reference 3a speaker. Can't speak for the Triangles, never heard em.

I've owned both de capos and Triangles. Look for a Triangle Celius maybe ? Or, perhaps, s Vandersteen 3a Sig?
Saki, what amp are you using?
Focals are much more neutral and dry than de Capos or Triangles. It's a marked difference in sound.
Mapman ,
I am currently using a Primaluna Prologue 2 with EL-34's .
It is an integrated which I have rolled the input tubes to obtain a warmer tone .

I have owned and used Soliloquy and JMLab speakers using multiple 8 inch drivers for the bass , in this room . I believe that JMLab is the same company as Focal . They could not provide the bass characteristics that I am seeking . I am thinking that I will need at least a 10 inch driver .

Thank you all for the suggestions so far , please keep them coming .