What happens when the Wife cleans the audio room

Well ladies and gentlmen,

I sat down last night after work to enjoy some music. To my suprise the sound stage was left of center on the first track I listened to so I tried another track same thing. I looked things over and noticed my left speaker had been moved. No big deal I will just move it back. Not. I got the sound stage centered again with a loss in bass :(.

Now mind you the speaker had not been moved more than an inch. Yes it made a profound difference.

The moral of this story is clean your audio rooms yourselves and then the only person you can blame when something goes wrong is yourself.

I am not looking forward to the hours I will now have to spend to get the speaker positioned correctly again. Toe in here, toe in there, 1/4" here, 1/4" there.

Have a good day.

Michael, consider yourself lucky-I found a marred/damaged edge to a Martin Logan SL-3 I used to own provided by my wife via the vacuum cleaner. Guess she'd be more careful if she knew how much they really cost. ;)
I have traced on my floor in pencil a partial outline of two of the cone supports for each speaker. This way when we have parties or clean the apartment I can move the speakers without worrying about dialing in the position again.

Once you have found your ideal speaker position, write it down. Be very detailed. That way if you do decide to move them (or the wife does) you have your position recorded.
My ex-wife once cleaned all of my gear with orange glow. I spent a hours trying to get the streaks out of everything. She even once offered to put all the light bulbs (tubes) in the dishwasher to make them "nice and sparkly".
On the upside our house was spotless.
>>What happens when the Wife cleans the audio room<<

Yeah right.
I place a strip of masking tape on the carpeted floor along the back edge of each speaker, just in case!
I lock my listening room... No wife and kids allowed in the room without me there. My wife knows better than to touch my gear anyway. LOL
be thankful that someone cares enough to clean the audio room, in case it gets dirty or dusty and a certain person neglects to clean it himself.
Mine knocked the speaker cables off the speakers when vacuuming and this shorted the amp, OUCH!!!! EXPENSIVE,

Oh stop being rediculous, if it made such a PROFOUND difference it wouldn't take you hours to find the sweet spot again. You should be happy you have a wife that cleans-Now take out the garbage and pick the kids up at soccer practice!

-Mike's wife
To Mike's wife,

I did take out the trash this morning as is my job.

As for picking up the kids I have a wonderfull step daughter that is grown with three sons and a fourth on the way. So we spoil the grand children and then send them home as is our duty.

As for my wife cleaning the house it is a rarity as we have a house keeper that comes every 2 weeks.

And for the kicker my wifes attitude is, you could have done it yourself. She has no sympathy what so ever.

The amazing thing is that in the past year since we remodeled the infamous family/audio room our house keeper who even dusts my speakers has not moved them once. This is the first time in that year my wife who shall remain nameless has felt it necessary to clean that room.


P.S. This seams like a good opertunity to move both speakers and clean the floor. Of coures I will mark the location of the right speaker before moving it.
Hi Artizen - I'll risk it - have your wife come over and clean MY listening room!!!
hide the receipts
burn the receipts
Predictably, the Maggie 1.6's are moved back 2 feet from their normal spot. I've got to get a set Mye stands to put a stop to that. Can't complain really, she's very indulgent of my obsession and enjoys good music and sound too.
I make it a point to inspect all connections once every two weeks when the maid comes over. Often a cable might need to be re-attached to a speaker. My wife love the system and she has a better ear for when something is wrong. She is also mystified by the whole thing to the point that the only part of my house that has all of the smudges and fingure prints on the glass...is my(our) entertainment area.
Last year our cleaning person moved my speakers and damaged the midrange and woofer on one of them. I've replaced the mid (for $165) but the woofer is out of production and I still haven't been able to find a replacement. In the meantime, it's being used for rear-surround duties. So.....I now clean the audio/HT room!
Being as nobody will go near my stuff anyway I don't have to worry about it. That's the way I like it. It's much more relaxing to not have to worry about someone else doing damage like spraying something onto components or moving/disconnecting anything. I'd be furious if any damage resulted from stupidity.
nice and sparkly? rotflmao
Well it has been over a year now. Our house keeper has retired so the wife cleans the house now, except for around the speakers and audio equipment that is my job. Guess I deserve it. Not once, have the speakers been moved. Except for the recent front of the house remodel when I had to clear out the audio/family room to put all the furniture from the front of the house in the back of the house. Everything is back in place and working properly now.

But here is the kicker my wife wants a new COUCH to replace the love seat in the listening/family room. I am scared to death of what will happen. That means spreading the rear speakers which is no big deal unless the unthinkable happens localization in the front L/R speakers when listening in 2ch. I had to move the rear speakers when the system was set up on the short wall for that exact reason. Ok enough whining.

Hope everyone has a good day.