What happens if I plugged a 20amp unit..15amp outl

What happens if I plugged an amplifier that requires a 20amp outlet to a 15 amp outlet? I know it will power up and play until you crank....
If you mean one that takes a 20 amp power cord into a 15 amp cord I do that with my NuVista M3 amp, which produces 300 watts a channel. I used a Voodoo adapter so I could use my PS Audio Statement power cord and the results are much better than the original 20 amp cord.

You used the word "requires". Did you choose that word or was that from the manufacturer's owner manual. For a required 20 amp receptacle/20 amp branch circuit the FLA (full load amps) would have to be greater than 12 amps. That would be a pretty powerful amplifier.

Sometimes a manufacture may "recommend" that a 20 amp branch circuit be used to get the best performance from his amp but it is not "required".

A couple of ways to check for sure....
If the unit does require that it must be connected to a 20 amp branch circuit the factory cord that came with the unit will have a 20 amp plug on the end of the power cord.

Check the data info on the back of the unit. Usually near the power inlet it will give the AC voltage and power consumption. FLA, VA (volt amps), or watts.
The max connected load that can be plugged into a 15 amp receptacle is FLA 12 amps, 1440 VA or 1440 watts.
Yes Jea, this Krell Power amplifier requires specifically a 20 amp outlet like most bigger Krell Power amps.I was told that it will keep tripping the circuit so..just wanted to make sure, is this true?
I already have an electrician about to make the change for me, I was just curious if I did move later on and will need to do the same.....
I already have an electrician about to make the change for me......
12-17-09: Rapogee


You will need a 20 amp branch circuit then. #12 awg wire minimum with a 20 amp breaker.

Just an added note if the breaker trips on occasion due to start-up inrush current of the Krell most electrical panel manufactures make breakers with a longer inrush current lag time.
Here is some info.
I've had my Krell(20 amp) plugged in to a 15amp outlet and circuit for 4 years and have never had it trip the breaker.
It's not just about tripping the breaker. With a big Krell, you need to ensure that input current is not constrained to get the best performance out of it, especially when driving difficult loads at higher volumes (I haved owned a FPB-600C driving Thiel CS5i's for 10 years).
I have the FPB200 (with 20 amp cord from Krell) but this is the smalles Krell power that will work and its not a problem...I did try replacing the FPB400cx and it trips, I believe thats the reason why. It was a loan so I was not prepared to try in for longer sessions but I believe and minimal volume it will play but when you demand the power...its not going to fly.

Rshad0000, out of curiosity which Krell were you using that actually worked on the 15 amp socket? Any of the FPB family by chance?
I have a Theater Amplifier Standard(5x200), which I believe uses a lot of the FPB technology in it -- has a massive transformer.

Trust me I would love to have a 20 amp circuit installed and have no doubt that the dynamics, etc would improve with one. All I am saying is that I have never had the 15amp breaker trip. Actually I am running the Krell and two Parasound JC-1s off the same circuit now and it still has not triped.

I'm getting ready to move and plan on having several 20amp circuits installed in my new home theater room.