What happened to Welborne Labs?

Back in June, I ordered over $100 worth of quality hook up wire, and still haven't received it yet. I've just learned there are many more just like me.

Has anyone had any luck getting a resolution? They don't return my emails, and PayPal says my situation doesn't qualify for a claim, at this point. Any words of encouragement, other than the obvious don't do any more business with them?
For years Welborne Labs has been sliding downhill. i would say it is just the person running it is getting old.
It used to be a nice place to find stuff. But i would no longer buy anything from them.
Just too dodgy now.

"Just too dodgy now."

That's pretty strong language. What was the last thing you bought from Welborne Labs?
Islandmandan, unfortunately Ron Welborne vanished from the scene several years ago. If you do a web search on Welborne Labs you'll probably see many red flags. It's a pity, but if it cost you $100 instead of thousands as it did for some, you might consider yourself lucky. My sympathy nonetheless.
I too had issues, I ordered a power supply for my Squeeze Box Touch, waited and waited, e-mailed them, finally got a responce that it was being built and would have it in a week(really sorry for the delay they said) then nothing, no responce to e-mails after that. I just disputed it with my CC company. I did do a BBB search on the Stillwater BBB site and they rated a flat "F".I did the BBB search after all this so my bad!
This is not something new. I've heard about issues with the company since 2007
Islandmandan, have you phone PayPal and spoke to a representative in person?
I bought the same power supply for my SB Touch during a sale Welboune Labs had in late May. It took a long time and a number of emails before it was built (waiting on parts?) and shipped, but I did receive it. I was a little frustrated with the delays and mediocre communication, but the final product performs as well as I had hoped.