What happened to Volksamp

Anyone heard anything new about Volksamp. I talked to someone from the company early this year, and he said that their re-issue of the Pass Aleph P preamp should be available sometime in the summer. I went to check their website this morning, and it's gone.
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Call Pass Labs and they should know as its their product that is licensed.
I think that this has nothing to do with the viability of Volksamp but rather the situation of Earthlink, the web hoster. This is just opinion/conjecture on my part but perhaps Volksamp have changed their ISP or will be changing their ISP. As Wally says a call to Pass Labs should clear it up.
Before I bought my Aleph-3 I looked into buyng a Volksamp-30 (aleph-3 design) I found prices for new ones around 40 % off list! This was when they were still quite new to the market.Its just a guess, but maybe they arent selling well.