What Happened to Thiel?

I've been trying to reach Thiel Audio. Their web site is down and their phone is always busy. Anybody have any idea what's going on?
To me it defies logic that the 3.7 would remain their top of the line speaker as it is compact to say the least. I assume this new technology is going to be used to expand into larger models as well, unless the WAF has finally nailed the coffin shut on ever listening to something symphonic through a Thiel speaker again. There's no replacement for displacement. :>)
Rumour has it that Thiel is working on a new larger (than the 3.7) flagship model.
Thiel went to crutchfield to get a national outlet for his product remember that thiel is in business to make money and from what i read has also lost a few retailers recently , i for one will soon have to travel 60 miles to hear his product (goodbye to buying any more of his products )and so far as the 3.7 is concerned the models i have seen the fit of the aluminum dome on the top have of the speaker sucks ,,you could cut your hand running your fingers on the bottom edge and what a lousy fit ,not for 10 grand ,,its something you would see in a cheap mass market product but thats just my opinion...
I heard the 3.7 again at the RMAF this year. The system sounded a whole lot better than when I heard them at the Stereophile show in L.A. in June of 2006. But, I am sorry, they still look awefully ugly.

I spoke with the Thiel rep a little bit. They are indeed working on a replacement of 7.2 based on the new technologies from the 3.7. But the model 6 will remain as is.

According to Thiel's web site, the CS 6's were discontinued in March of '07.