What happened to the "Vintage" category ?

I recall not too long ago, Audiogon had a "Vintage" category in the classified ads section. I thought this was a good idea as there are many vintage components available, especially classics which have been refurbished and/or improved upon. Some of these classics still give a few of the more modern pieces a run for their money in musical enjoyment. I vote that Audiogon brings this category back.
The Vintage category has been gone for quite awhile. I also miss it, but doubt that Audiogon will bring it back. I could write the following several different ways, but I will put it this way - I'm sure current/modern manufacturers who advertise on Audiogon DON'T miss it.

Good point, gerry. I would also add low-usage to the reasons for...

You are correct! On average, it only got one or two listings per day (at most).