what happened to the post on the sat tonearm?

I am curious to what was wrong with that discussion.  people are not allowed to have their opinion on things?  geez
They're continuing to do anything they can to kill the forums. They totally killed Virtual Systems......
Unfortunately Raul seems to think that insulting people personally is Ok.
  Myles quite rightly had the thread closed.

  Now, Raul, if you can document the issues you see with the SAT tonearm without personal insults, I believe we have some real things to discuss. 

  Why does the SAT tonearm sound so good when it clearly has higher tracking distortion than most other tonearms?
insulting people is not good
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Nothing wrong with a $30K tonearm! Bet it matches well with that $16K Grado cartridge! 
Insults; veiled insults; accusations of delusion, snake-oil and voodoo; all proselytized and prosecuted with the zeal of a fundamentalist savior. Such posts derail threads and discourage conversation. I applaud moderators for exercising good judgment in deleting posts and threads. Note that the very post above this one does nothing to further the conversation. It's just snide.  
Raul was just saying it like it is. It's a bad tonearm. Its geometry produces higher distortion than any other tonearm. It's absurdly priced. 

I don't believe that morality and prices mix well. Well that at least

some ethics is involved in our mutual opinions exchange. We should

not insult each other. But teasing each other is different matter (grin).

Dear @downunder : Sorry but I’m not insulting any one in that thread. What I did it is only to describe facts and between those facts the MAIN RESPONSABILITY THAT HAVE ANY PROFESSIONAL REVIEWER FROM WHERE WE LEARN and this main responsability means that they are obligated to give us audiophiles that are the ones that put our money for all the audio industry can survive: GOT THIS? the RIGTH INFORMATION and if those reviewers or manufacturers are ignorant oer just they do not cares about then that’s a kind of corruption because all them are PUBLIC people and can’t be untochables but the other way around. GOT this too?. That’s their work and all of them make money ( our money. ) for do that so I can claim to all of them about because I pay for.

Look there were 70 audiophiles that bougth that item because those ignorant reviewers, this is the AHEE all belongs to.

That you are satisfied with does not means every one be that way and certainly I’m not. So a PUBLIC person as is the President/Minister of your country: can you say in public that he is doing a bad job with the nation security? or you have to stay mouth close because it’s an " insult " to dos that ! ! ? ?  and the reviewers are PUBLIC persons.

Btw, if it’s true that Mr. Fremer was not very happy when I posted about in his thread I have to say, because we had a very hot discussion about, that he had the maturity to not deleted and for this attitude my " hat off ".

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
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Fix your glasses it is still here!!
Raul was just saying it like it is.
Was he? Or was he drawing conclusions about a product that he’d never seen or heard, while disparaging those who’ve actually heard it and liked the result?

It’s a bad tonearm. Its geometry produces higher distortion than any other tonearm.
Really? How much higher is the distortion than with one of the straight arms that has a zero offset? The ViV is an example of such an arm and while I’ve never heard one, some who have think it sounds fantastic. That’s part of why correlating specifications to what we actually hear is such a tricky business.

It’s absurdly priced.
That’s subjective, so I’ll ask you: What do you think is a fair and reasonable price for a pickup arm? Please consider that no matter your answer, it’s probable that some will think the number too high, and some too low.