what happened to the Belles website ?????

Its been a while since the Belles website (power modules) has been operational. Anyone knows what's going on?

I had the Aria integrated a few months ago. It was good with my Harbeth P3esr 40th Anniversary, but  I ended up going with LFD LE MK VI. At the time I talked with Audio Connection and was informed about the forthcoming  Aria Signature. It would be nice to read some feedback on this amp from those who bought one.
If a site is down on your home internet try your phone off wifi. If that works get back to me. I have experience with this.
Bet it is coming from the Ethernet connection. I have had similar ground loop issues. Amazingly, I just ameliorated it by hooking up a hdmi cable to my blu ray player from my tv; the blu ray feeds through coax signal to my Yggdrasil DAC, which is also connected via USB to a music server connected to Ethernet.