what happened to silverline?

looks like sonatina and the sonata have been removed from their web site anybody know whats up? dick
I sent them an e-mail the other day asking the same question. I got about 5 different responses. At first, I was told that there were problems with the website, and that they had switched servers. Then I was told that the Sonata and Sonatina were discontinued. Most recently, they told me that the Sonata and Sonatina were limited-edition speakers, and that they are being replaced with new speakers this fall. I've been noodling over the idea of getting a pair of Sonatinas (either that or Merlin VSM-SEs), but I look forward to what the new speakers will be. Silverline can be contacted via e-mail from their website.
i talked to mr.alan yung of silverline about 2 months ago. my understanding is that the sonatina and sonata lines are being replaced. whether its an upgrade of the same models or a new model, i didn't ask. i asked about the sonatina, i wanted to buy, he advised me to wait for awhile until the new model comes out.didn't say when.
i might also add. as you have probably noticed, the panatell'a have been ugraded to the panatell mk11. they are also lower in price than the first model. i believe soundstage or stereophile has said that they will be doing a review soon, on the new model.