What happened to PIP?

I bought a 32inch Panasonic TV about 7 years ago, it has PIP.

Im looking around for a 36" TV, and none of the tube TV's im looking at have PIP.

What gives?

I have one of those "Spy Cams" that i like to put by the front door, so when the doorbell rings i can hit the "PIP" button and see who it is. yeah im that lazy.

Is it me? or are Non-HTDV CRT Televisions serisouly lacking in some options?

I see alot in the $600 price range that have 2 inputs, no PIP, and they think this is a good deal?

Slappy: Haven't been shopping for TV's lately, but my 2.5 year old Mitsu big screen is capable of displaying 3 pictures simultaneously. I'm sure that there are units out there that offer the feature that you're looking for, it's just a matter of finding one. Quite honestly, with all of the features that modern day electronics have built in, it's quite possible that some may have this feature, but don't advertise it. I think that on some TV's, this feature was so hard to use, that many folks never took advantage of it. Sean
I know that Panasonic, Sony and Samsung are all offering PIP.
Have you looked at the websites?
I think because with direct satellite and digital cable you nees either 2 receivers or an antenna feed to use it the tv manufacturers have made it more of a luxury item.
Most of the projection screen TV's ive seen have PIP, but not many of the 36in SDTV do.

I was talking to my friend the other day about PIP and how I have it on 3 sets and never used it on any of them. Slappy does have a good idea though. Maybe I'll install a camera.

I use PIP sometimes for sporting events. Especially Baseball when I have started the game and then Star Trek comes on. Watching them walk Berry Bonds is a whole lot more exciting than the latest Cialus Commercials.

Seriously, check out Sony. I can't imagine you not finding what you want. Otherwise, if it is just 36" that you want you can get an excellant used Trinitron for almost nothing.
You can get PIP in a/v gear now ... I forget which one...Outlaw? so even if your Tv doesn't have it, you can add it.