What Happened to NOBLE SOUNDLAB?

Does anyone know what happened to NOBLE SOUNDLAB? I was trying to contact them to get a 1.5 meter Cyprium RCA Interconnect, but their website is no longer running (and their email). I need one to make a pair.

They made wicked cables - I have two sets of the Noble Red and I love them.

Didn't you ask the same question a couple of days ago? It looks like the website is down, so maybe they went belly-up. It amazes me that there are so many cable companies considering the finite number of possible customers.
Just got in touch with Justin from Noble Soundlab. They are indeed closed down. Too bad. He did have an extra Cyprium cable for me though! I got lucky!

If anyone wants a set, let me know and I will ask him what he has available (from the old inventory) and how much he wants for them.

Yes, Roxy54, I did ask the same question a couple of days ago. I forgot that I had already asked it!

I too am amazed by the number of cable companies etc. out there. How about speaker companies. Far fewer than there once was, but still seems like a lot.

Hello all,

Justin from Noble here. Ken speaks the truth. We have in fact moved on to other adventures. At our peak, the three of us that primarily made up Noble Soundlab were making all of the cables by hand, and it just got to be too much.

As a piece of advice from someone who was deeply involved in audio cable technology, don't believe the buzzwords and the hype. The key to excellent cables is, was and always will be quality connectors, conductors, and insulation. It is as simple as that.

Good listening to you all, and who knows... maybe I'll list a pair on here from time to time. I really enjoyed working with people from this community. No promises though.