What Happened to Neil Young's New Release ???

Ok , I thought I read that the Live with War was supposed to be released today.
What Happened?
Did the Goverment hide all the recordings with the WMD???
Or did old Neil sell out to the Man??
Its on the web.
Release date is May 9th
Once again, I wish Ronnie Van Zant was still with us.

here is the link gang!

no punches pulled here and certainly no sell out...This notes for you er i mean link
May 30 release on Classic Records 200g vinyl
Thanks, I thought I would inject some humour with my original posting question.
There is very much mixed reports when it will be released. It seems it depends on which web site you visit.
The record company claims they didnt know he was recoding an album! I hope it doesnt get pulled for some reason, it sounds pretty good.

I am a big Neil Young Fan. Don't agree with his Political comments, but he is at his best when he gets angy and straps on the electric Guitar. (I also like his acoustic work.)
Again, a big fan
National Public Radio in the U.S. talked about the album and played a few snippits. They said that he threw it together in two weeks time, and it sounds like it. Lots of complaints about the U.S., lots of his old guitar tricks, nothing new or deep enough to be thought provoking, and an orchestra.
I heard the NPR review as well, and they did not characterize the album as having been "thrown together". The reviewer said that while these were not the best songs Neil has ever written, with some of them going on perhaps a wee bit too long, he still enjoyed the album. His most significant point, and the summation of his review, was a disbelief that the most passionate musical commentary about the current state of the US had to come from a Canadian.
I heard the NPR piece and Boa2's description is the more accurate.

My own personal opinion is that the excerpts played did sound like songs that were hurriedly put together.

Nevertheless, I salute Neil Young for having the guts to take a stance in this age of artistic cowardice. It's very reminiscent of CSNY rushing "Ohio" to the airwaves in May 1970 because of the Kent State outrage. I was in college then and this event and "Ohio" as a call to action mobilized my campus.

It's being streamed on his web site: http://www.neilyoung.com/

I admire his willingness to take a stand, but don't particularly like this release. I prefer his Praire Wind, Harvest style releases
Kent State
May 4, 1970

Jackson State
2 weeks later

Neil Young has been "with it" a long time.
R_burke - Thanks for the link! Others can hear what they hear and filter through the mandatory niceties and reviwerspeak (or not)as they deem appropriate.
An honest question that comes to mind, is how could anybody charecterize a multimillionaire complaining about somebody else's country as 'gutsy'? If he was risking offense to anyone in his own country maybe that would be a little bit gutsy, or if he was offering legitimate improvement suggestions for criticism that seems like it would qualify. But if courage equates to just complaining then I've never met a coward. No offense to anyone, just opinion.
Jeff Jones,
I'm sure you'd have to ask Neil the answer to those questions. I do know that he's lived in California for decades. With his wife, he founded the Bridge School (in the Bay Area) for children with severe physical and learning disabilities, as they have two such children. While he's a Canadian, he's planted his roots in the US. Contrarily, no one deemed it inappopriate for him to pen the song "Let's Roll" in honor of the passengers who took down the would-be hijackers on Flight 93. I'm also not sure why being a millionaire would inherently diminish the weight of his opinion. These are just my thoughts, so again, you'd have to ask Neil for the real answers.
Boa2 - "I'm also not sure why being a millionaire would inherently diminish the weight of his opinion." No disagreement here, was rambling about the courage thing, no financial risk. The average working person who could offend his boss or customer by speaking openly has more to think about.
I hear ya, Jeff.
Classic Records (Reprise)
Format: 200 Gram Vinyl
Coming May 30, 2006
To a store near you.

I don't think anyone will have to stay up late at night worrying about Ol' Neil Young selling out and if it takes a Canadian (born) American resident to have a word or two of dissent toward todays current politically driven quagmire, than so be it. I have always enjoyed his music regardless of whether it was his "best". Remember the words of another renegade of the times, Thomas Jefferson who said "Dissent is the truest form of patriotism."
Keep on rockin' in the free world!

Happy Listening!
Just viewed the Best Buy ads for new music this week. Still no mention of Neil's latest.
Just listened to the album in its entirety for free on Neil Young's website. Sound good, I look forward to the vinyl coming soon.
Happy Listening!
Just picked up a CD from Best Buy today.
I thought politics were verboten here, guess not. In that case, I just LOVE rich liberals, and FOREIGN to boot, that love to lecture us. Free speech gives them that right? Absolutely, just as it gives me the right to say I think Neil Young is a blowhard teenager living in a 60 year old man's skin. IMO he hasn't produced much worthy of my dollars (and just what the heck is up with his voice? YIKES!) in years.
I doubt this will make it past the webmaster, but what the heck ..... go smoke another bong load Neil. Have a nice day. :)
So Tgyeti how do you like his new album?
Tgyeti, My wild, not so rich, not so liberal mom once mention that if I didn't have anything nice to say... Hewww what the heck, hey Neil could you pass that bong?!
Perhaps I shouldn't sugarcoat it so much next time and try to convey my true feelings, :)
That's the trouble with Mr. Gore's internet, once it's there, it's there ...... more later.
I appreciated Living with War. Neil has the courage to say it as he believes, knowing that verbal retribution is not far away. Several of the songs on Living with War focus on intolerance, greed, injustice, and corruption. It's not a surprise that these songs receive such strong reaction, especially in the current American Zeitgeist - either you're with us or against us. There is a broad history of protest in music in the US. Agree or disagree with his message, this album joins that club.

BTW, Neil has been an outspoken advocate for environmental issues and small farmers. He also co-founded a school for children with disabilities. Not just a blowhard, but active for the causes in which he believes.