What happened to Monsoon Audio?

I was thinking of buying some planar speakers for my desktop PC which I believe are (were) the best in the market. Their website monsoonaudio.com has been showing 'Coming soon' for several months now!!! Anyone knows if they are really going to make a comeback?

Are there any other desktop/multimedia planar speakers in the same price range?
If I am not mistaken, the planar magnetic drivers featured in the Monsoon are licensed from Eminent Technology. Eminent Technology makes their own quite phenomenal desktop system that is well worth checking out (www.eminent-tech.com).
Check ebay for the 14 series (i think this is correct as was their top model), scored a pair for $35. Not bad for 2 satellites and a 8" sub. Just replaced them with a pair of fosgate monitors ($159 from ac4l.com) and a panasonic sa-xr50 ($229 from etronic) so I could go digital out from my pc and also use my HD600's without a headphone amp. The monsoon's sounded really good though, and I could blend the sub with the satellites easily. Swans are the other option, check at newegg for $180 a pair.
Hey Siliab - thanks for your response. I checked out Eminent-Tech's LFT model and the prices are a little too steep, I should say. $599 for a 2 pair + sub and $899 for a four speaker + sub system!!!

Any others that you know of? There are some refurbished Monsoon ones on ebay - unfortunately there aren't the better ones that Monsoon had - specifically the MM-1000 and MM-2000.
Hello Harry,

Looking at the the ET website, I believe the speaker and sub also come with an amplifier. Although the ET system is not cheap, they do some reasonable for what you get. Just FYI.

Maybe they are all washed up.
I purchased these for my computer.


They really sound fantastic. I use au-24 speaker wire and I added a 10awg power cord to the amp. It does soundstage. Somewhere they might sell the clear acrylic instead of the wood speaker.
I bought the Vonschweikert FPS speakers. Being a previous owner of VonSchweikert series, I was hoping a lot. However was in for a little dissapointment. The speakers are good but lack seriously in the bass department. The bass just doesn't seem to by rythmic. I am not a bass lover so can live with the speakers. But the boston acoustics speakers I have do a much better job in speed and bass. The VSs though rule in clarity and sweetness. Also the cables provided seem to be of cheapest quality. I guess I need to change the cables.

As typical of VS, the packaging was good.

Overall not a bad choice amongst the limited choices in Planar/Electrostatic Computer speakers but VonSchweikert could have done better. The speakers are certainly not for gaming but for pure music - jazz, vocals, r&b ... type.