What happened to Jonathan Scull?

Anyone know what J-10 is doing after Stereophile? Will his reviews, which are usually well-writen, appear elsewhere?
J-10 posts over at AA ( Audio Asylum ) from time to time. He stated that he plans on staying within the audio field and will keep folks posted as to his whereabouts via the AA General forum. If you do a search in the AA archives, you can probably find his posts. Sean
Ever the *bon vivant* & *gourmand* of insatiable *lustings* that we knew (and *nearly* could grow to love, if not for his *devilishly* inadvisable affair with all things *italicized*), J-10 tragically came to his demise whilst dining a little *too* long at the lovely K-10's favorite (stratospherically-priced!) *bistro* subsequent to his being positively *tempted* to audition just one more *deliciously* debauched, *wafer*-thin chocolate truffle (highly recommended), causing his audiophile butt to literally *explode* with wall-drooling results that simply *flabbergasted* all the West Village (ouff!), explainable by the utter *lack* of his usual bun-girdling Ribbon Chair at the moment of *critical* distress! R.I.P. Signed, M. Python.
Sorry folks, but I just haven't been able to think up a more *LOFT-Y* response!
From what I understand, J-10 has gone to work for Monster Cable.
Bamafan- That's funny I heard he went to Bose, I guess my source could be wrong- I dunno??

He gets canned more then Tuna!! lol couldn't resist.
Monster Cable and a link... I think J-10's exact words were, "Regarding my future, heh heh, let's say... it's Monsterous!"

The thread in question from the Asylum is this one (#201874)


Me thinks that like Jerry Lewis he was a double agent for the french.Perhaps they have retired him to some Dascha in the countryside where he can drink wine and eat cheese that smells like NBA players feet whilst he trains other tunrcoats to help the assist the Vichy regime and it's economy.
by god it's just a bloody thin-mint
Mr. Kreosote
Jonathan is happy and busy doing PR, marketing and product stuff at Monster Cable. I will miss him at stereophile.
As will I in the final analysis, I'm sure...
One of my favorite writer's in high end audio. A true credit to high end journalism. I know that from this reader's perspective he shall be sorely missed.

Hey! Can I have his stereo stuff ?!?