What happened to Jfox

There was once an active contributor to the Audiogon Forums who went by the name Jfox. He was a very knowledgeable audiophile who had a very fine system: Sound Lab A-1 speakers, Aesthetix Io phono, Calisto pre,and Cat amps. He was a fine writer who contributed a lot. Since around 2005, he seems to have dropped out of sight. Does anyone remember him and know what happened? I would appreciate hearing. Thanks, Tom
I believe you mean Jafox. There is a Jfox member on Audiogon, but that member has no feedback or forum posts. Jafox's name is John Fox, he is a friend of J.D. MacRae, of Jade Audio, and lives in Minnesota. He was a wonderful contributor to these forums, I learned a lot from him over the years. He seems to have lost some interest in this site, but I cannot say why. The latest post I see by him is dated 4-14-13 in a reply to his only review, or the Aria WV5 XL (Line Stage only) Tube preamp

He also has a system listed as of 4-29-12.

For the most part though he has been MIA on these forums for the last several years. I don't know why, but his presence is missed by me as well. I hope that he is well and happy.

When I first joined here a few years ago I spent many hours reading the old archived threads. There were a number of members of seemingly great character who posted quite often years ago and really made this sight great.
They are surely missed.
Thank you Jmcgrogan2. That is indeed the person I was referring to. We can only hope Jafox returns as he had a lot of audio wisdom to share, and is a very articulate writer. He is missed indeed.
TWB2, look around your neighborhood, your job and your friendships. you'll notice some notable absentees. You'll find that your aquaintences on the 'Gon mirror your aquaintences in life..... if you stay long enough, it's sure to change.