What happened to Ei?

Hello everyone, I'm looking for some Ei 6CA7 "fat bottle" tubes and can't find any anywhere! What has happened to this tube/company?
ei tanked years ago. too bad because their kt90 were the bomb in a pair of cary monos i used to own.
The US (NATO) bombed the factory a few years back.

We were still able to get EI tubes 2 years ago, but they don't /didn't really make anything we use but 12AT7s.
So when the factory blew up was it warmer sounding then most explosions? ;)
EI stopped production around July/August of 2006 as best I can tell.

The plant was not bombed in a NATO, or any other, action according to people on the net who live in and/or visit the area.

I've read that it was destroyed, partialy destroyed and/or "lightly bombed" but someone @ Audio Asylum posted post rumor pics of the building (looked fine) and I'll go with that.

Western Electric purchased a part or all (this is not clear) of their assets, per a statement on the WE website.

QC was poor the last year plus of production so I'm leary of buying stock that shows up from time to time in the event that it's dregs/poor QC stuff. I liked their pre-elite EL84's (not familiar with the tubes you seek).

A recent September 2007 blurb @ the 6 Moons review site mentions that EI is regrouping for further production runs (think I read the same a year ago).
EI factory that produces tubes has not been bomb - the city of Nis, where the factory is, was bomb. Afterwards, WE bought the factory but in the contract WE commits to invest and extend the production of the tubes. When the contract has been implemented, WE decided to move the factory elsewehere (I do not know where but I assume in the US). That generated the conflict with the employees and with the syndicate. Now they have the legal battle ...

Ei is though working but not with the full power. The last shipment was made to Jadis - Ei delivered KT90's to Jadis.

But it seems, although the factory is working, that the production is not on full power and that there are a lot of problems there. In the Ei shops in Belgrade, for example, it is not possible to buy any Ei tubes for months now ...
Thanks for the update Dejanm.

The EI EL84 tubes I purchased 4-5 years ago were a good match with a couple of 1950's/1960's Pilot amps I own (similar sound to vintage Amperex Holland EL84's, just a bit lighter overall).
Thanks for the update Dejanm.

I'll second that!