What happened to Dekay???

I was thinking about some of the earlier members on out sight. Dave (Dekay) was a favorite of mine so I wrote him, but there is no response. Does anyone know if he's ok? Also wondering if anyone has heard from Angela.
audio_girl and angela100 are not one in the same. angela100 was a frequent contributor waaay before boa2 came on board.
Thanks for that info,Kel.--I too thought they might be 1/in the same. Dekay is from the LA area? yes? I really miss Carl_E (((Not))) and where's Slappy??
I wrote poor Audio_girl. She was clearly confused by my email... Kelly, if you see the original Angela, please tell her I miss her and have been thinking about her. I'm always surprised to hear from you Kelly, it's interesting how you see these posts, and post on them only when it's directed to something you know. I have no idea how you control yourself from getting into some of them. I miss your great messages and wisdom, but I understand your need to keep a distance.

Mosquito man, thanks for the info.

Does anyone actually remember who the dirty dozen was, it would be interesting to know how many of us are still here.