What happened to Dekay???

I was thinking about some of the earlier members on out sight. Dave (Dekay) was a favorite of mine so I wrote him, but there is no response. Does anyone know if he's ok? Also wondering if anyone has heard from Angela.
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Thanks for this thread JD!

I'd also like to know if Dave is OK. And, while we're hear, what about Bruce (Brulee). Hope he is well...
I was wondering the same about you, JD......
JD, I have seen David (Dekay) here occassionally. Have not seen/heard from Angela in quite some time. Best to you, Art, and all my Audigon buddies.
Nice to see some old guys are still around. Merry Christmas everybody!
angela's alive & well, now living in my neck of the woods. i haven't seen subaruguru or tireguy post much recently.

i miss the old gang, too but am happy to see some have hung on.

best wishes for a happy holiday season.

Angela posted just today.

Have a great holiday, everyone.

Is this the artist formerly known as Angela100?
audio_girl and angela100 are not one in the same. angela100 was a frequent contributor waaay before boa2 came on board.
Thanks for that info,Kel.--I too thought they might be 1/in the same. Dekay is from the LA area? yes? I really miss Carl_E (((Not))) and where's Slappy??
I wrote poor Audio_girl. She was clearly confused by my email... Kelly, if you see the original Angela, please tell her I miss her and have been thinking about her. I'm always surprised to hear from you Kelly, it's interesting how you see these posts, and post on them only when it's directed to something you know. I have no idea how you control yourself from getting into some of them. I miss your great messages and wisdom, but I understand your need to keep a distance.

Mosquito man, thanks for the info.

Does anyone actually remember who the dirty dozen was, it would be interesting to know how many of us are still here.

jd- I can only get 6:
I talk to Angela every few months, she is doing well. Busy as can be and happier then she's been in years, if ever! It hasn't been easy for her or her new bf, they have been through one hell of a ride over the last few years and remain very optomistic. She says she stops by from time to time, but doesn't have the time to continue participating.

I still lurk, but don't post on anything audio related anymore.
Cornfedboy, nice to see you here again. How you been?
FWIW I sure love to see these names from my AudiogoN youth pop up again. I've missed many of you!
Michelin man, That is a reason I was wondering about her. I know her life went through some major turmoil and I wanted to see if I could help (given the fact I have gone from the very top of the mountain to Death Vally if you will.) Some of my personal experiences fit her to some degree, and because I enjoyed her spirit, I was thinking... Will you please pass on that I was thinking of her.

Bug boy, was Dekay part of it? I also thought there was a guy from England. Maybe Redkiwi (who I do stay in touch with)How quickly we forget our friends.
Hey, it's a very Merry Christmas when I see Tireguy and Cornfedboy posting again. Happy holidays to all.
How could I have missed Tireguy, welcome back.
I was just on sabbatical... Maybe 2006 will be the return of Tireguy, someone's got to keep you old bastards in check now that Slappy's slacking :o) Perhaps Cornefedchico will make a come back tour next year as well, I know he has been waiting for the right time to strike.

And for the record, only if it were the dirty baker's dozen would I have been part of that elite group :-p
Well welcome back tireguy and cornfed, good to see old heads around. I was afraid you guys saw the light and realized this hobby truly is nuts and this site is our asylum...whew!
Greetings all: add Sean (+ of course Dekay) to that dirty dozen list; haven't noticed them posting anymore. Just wanted to say hi y'all; I'm quite late stumbling onto this thread. I'm still hanging around here as well; just not posting a whole lot anymore. The flavor of the site has certainly changed considerably. Last I'd heard from A100 was February 2003; she resigned from HP in California, moved to Colorado, and was in N'Orleans for MardiGras. Some of us were trying to coordinate a trip there together but it never did happen. Happy New Year to one & all.