What happened to Audio Research G Series

Audio Research released their new G Series of products only a few years ago and they seem to be discontinued already. I believe they were replaced by the Foundation Series. Why such a short-lived product line? That seems unusual for a company that's been around for decades. Was G Series supposed to be a special edition/limited release? I think the series was the first to adopt new styling (less boxy) and came about after Audio Research was acquired by a new parent company. 
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The G series was aimed at the Far East market. The actual design of the series had more to do with looks than sound quality. Though, not a bad sounding series, it’s parts,  circuit design and sound quality where not worth what ARC was asking for them. They’re worth what you see them selling new from dealers now.
They where design by a few people the McIntosh group brought in at one time,but are no longer with the company; ARC is back and doing well since the passing of their lead engineer W.F;He had nothing to do with the G series.

ARC is always running away from its latest design. One man's continuous improvement is another man's cluster **ck
One man's continuous improvement is another man's cluster **ck!!

Pretty well sums it up!!!..)))..

Very well said, my friend!!