What happened to Aragon, Camelot?

Went to the Klipsch website last night and could no longer find a link for Aragon. Did they sell or kill the line?
I also noticed that the Camelot website is gone. Any idea of what happened to them?
Aragon seems to be a dead horse. Still, a man can hope...

I wish I had the moola to buy and rejuvenate that brand.

Aragon had bad luck with designing amplifiers around output transistors that ended up being discontinued. I have no idea what Krell or other "best of the best" brands use for output transistors nowadays.
I have a 4004 MKII and like it alot, obviously there is better to have but I dont obcess about an amp upgrade at all.
Camelot Technology is alive and well (I spoke with Mel Schilling, the CEO earlier today). Their website is: www.camelottechnology.com Apparently, you have to turn off your "pop-up blocker" to view their website. Their phone number is (215) 357-8356. Hope this helps. Ken.
Aragon is very good gear and have enjoyed both the 4004 MkII & 2004 MKII, it just sounds right to me. Pair either one of these amps with a tube preamp & your in for a treat. Aragon preamps are also very good.
Have you noticed that just about everything Klipsch has touched in the last 10~20 years they've turned to cr*p?

They've got this huge fan base left over and have convinced many of the kids that "the slam" and metallic drivers are it. I have to say the saddest thing they've recently done is slowly started eliminating the Heritage line. They're down to three speakers now - the khorns, LaScala, and Heresy. The last good speakers they made were in the 80s. I know - I bought a number of their, what do they call them now? - reference line speakers in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. It was a hard habit to shake. I held on to my Fortes and moved on some years ago. I have promedia's on one of my computers and they sound ok for computer speakers but the left one periodically goes out and is at a slightly lower volume than the right. Let me take an educated guess... they weren't made in Hope, AK.