What Happened to 3D Acoustics Speakers ?

Has anyone heard of this speaker manufacturer? I own a set which incluses 2 satellites and a subwoofer for almost 20 years now. I think they cost around $500-$600 then and were one of the best sound for the money. I still think they sound great now. I just can not find any information on the manufaturer any where.
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I have this same 3 piece system and am still unsing it after 15 years. www.regnar carries parts for this speaker system. I have reconed my tweeters and subwoofer drivers.
Jab, what did you do to rewire the speakers w/ Kimber? I figure I can't sell them for much since no one heard of them. On the other hand, the wood venner finish look nice, especially the sub, and blend well w/ my furniture. So any suggestion on what and how to tweak them to get better sound is greatly appreciate. At the minimum, I want to replace the binding post on the sub.

BTW, the web site www.regnar.com seem to carry only parts for Dalhquist.

After 3d went out of business, Dahlquist took over the parts inventor, and now regnar carries the parts.
I still have fond memories of that speaker system, which I sold years ago when my wife took over the library they were in as part of my second system. It sounded far better than it had a right to at that price. I think that 3D was owned originally by Dalquist, so the above posts make sense. Glad to see they're still in use, as they really serve the music well.
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Jeff, thanks for the info. I bought some new Mission speakers for HT a while ago and put them side-by-side for a comparision test and the 3D still sound better. I can't believe that after almost 20 years, the 3D still sound pretty good and beats some newer ones too. How much did it cost you for the rewire job and was it worth it? I might also be interest in your left over tweeters just in case I need replacement. Email me w/ price: [email protected]
This company also made a floor-standing 3-way called the 3D Acoustics Crescendo. I got a pair at a garage sale and have had the drivers rebuilt. Uses an 8" woofer with very compliant surround in separate cabinet, 6" midwoof with very wide surround in separate cabinet and 0.75" fabric dome tweeter. All drivers are accessible individually (wire runs the back of the speaker from bottom to top). The 8" and 6" drivers remind me of EPI stuff. The in-the-box system resonance is 43Hz, which is good for an 8-incher. The crossover is a simple first-order design. I have not listened to these very critically yet, but they are surely OK.