What happened?

So many of the forums have  been corrupted by MMA fighters. Maybe we should just have reviews with commentary and technical help forums. I thought our hobby was to give us a break from the BS of daily life.


Yeah, they wouldn't dream of corrupting reviews and technical help discussions. No way. Some lines even MMA fighters will not cross.

I guess I'll go back to watching MMA utube videos, although I do find you knowledgeable and entertaining Millercarbon.

I would like to know why adding features to a system caused so many issues. My spell checker quit working too. I thought I was a bad speller.. I'm checking the spell checker.. It just QUIT working.. WHAT am I missing?


I see a couple of threads that the right margin and Font size is gigantic. 


What gives fellas.. is it all me? We need to start a Beta report thread, untill they work out the bugs.. BUGGY it is..

Might help? What do you think..


1. Spell checker quit working.

2. Site is WIDE open to SPAM (pay your annual Norton site fee AG, quit being cheap LOL)

3. Why are certain threads susceptible to "script attack".

(Did someone forget to set the control break, back on?)

Batch file hack trick.. Control/Break if your KB has one.. 101/2 KB

Side note # 2

I use to really like one on one sports (MMA for one). But after seeing 90% go one to many fights I hate to see greats (no matter their reputations) crawl back into the ring with a NEW up and coming BRAIN scrambler for a payday.. It just sucks to see that..

The greats will always give it their all no matter the cost..  I prefer a TKO by cut or a broke something. But pure brain bashing. NO THANKS!! Makes my hands hurt.. You would swear their heads were made out of stone (some anyways).


Sorry, can't find very good quality video. But one hell of a great movie.


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Ha! Yeah sure, but QAnon, Facebook and YouTube are experts on vax and Pharma. I love how you state you are a retired doc and then go on to say they are all egomanics and liars. Yep, you proved your theory right, "doc". Glad you're retired.

And don't whine about my response, since what has any of this got to do with audio? Nothing. So why did you even bring this up? What did you expect, people to agree with your conspiracy theories (hey the world is flat by the way and we never landed on the moon, RFK is coming back from the dead also) and listen to your ego and lies (your words, not mine) about doctors?

Now hopefully one of the admins will remove this thread and we can get back to audio.

Typically arrogant response. My 15 years in health care corroborates everything hhscott said. Especially the last few years it has really gotten obvious. Physician, MD, used to be a profession. Doctors used to practice medicine. Now they follow protocol, which increasingly is little more than corporate policy. A surprising amount of this is administrative, coroprate risk management, legal and revenue driven. Every factor it seems but patient care.

I hate and abhor arrogant blather like deadhead here so let me give you an example. A guy comes in shoulder obviously dislocated. I’ve seen it, you can tell from across the lobby. First thing the guy says, "I dislocated my shoulder again. Can you pop it back?" You sure? "Yeah second time."

I won’t go into the details of how this goes but by now the MD comes up and some will do this and some won’t, she won’t he will have to go to the ER. Off he goes.

That believe it or not is practicing medicine. Broke half a dozen protocols and corporate policies. Lucky we weren’t all fired. What we were supposed to do:

Say nothing about not being able to help him. Waste an hour of his time on registration and exam, charge him $500 and then tell him to go to the ER!

Deadhead can be forgiven not knowing any of this. He can be an arrogant a$$ insulting a retired MD with a lifetime of service to his community. But he really should apologize and promise to keep his big fat mouth shut on things he so obviously knows nothing about.


" I hate and abhor arrogant blather like deadhead here"

" But he really should apologize and promise to keep his big fat mouth shut on things he so obviously knows nothing about."




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I don't like all that physical stuff, makes my hands hurt. I just squeeze slowly untill someone says Uncle. Don't worry about the one tooth, half an ear, glass eye and a slight limp. It's just vintage. It adds character anyways..


Better Idea don't go in the Dojo at all. :-) 


Time to fix the chicken coop. Stupid goat.. Lawn mower duty for him.. You should see him eat black berries..



Place is in shambles. The Color Purple discussion removed for no apparent reason

Edit: My bad, I’m in the wrong thread

^^^ Yeah, The Color Purple" thread was just getting good. Hey, I even agreed with Wolf-Garcia. :-)


Purple makes me..............

Oh, nevermind.