What Happened?

Hello everyone, got a little problem....well a big problem. Lately my system has gotten real bright. Harsh if that is a better word. I purchased a PS Audio HCA-2 a couple of months ago and it sounded great. Lately I can barely stand to listen. I run a Rotel cd/dvd through a Rotel pre/pro via both digital and analog pass-through and neither make a difference. My Music Hall tt sounds bright also so I dont think it is a source component problem. Bass is as good as ever, just very harsh in the highs. I use all PS Audio PCs and pretty good ICs (synergystic research and straight wire). I checked polarity and other connections. Is there something I am missing? Thanks for listening and I appreciate any help.

Hi Rick, don't you hate when that happens? It's always best to make one component swap at a time, so if you go wrong, it's a simple matter to change things back.

You said the amp is new, so I would start by trying a different amp and see if things change. Also, if you changed any interconnects or other pieces of gear then you should try swapping those items one at a time until you find the shrill-sounding component. If all your source components sound bright, then it's probably something in the back end of the chain. You didn't change furniture around or remove a carpet or drapes or anything like that, did you?
The amp has had its problems - check other threads about it.